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Press Release

OneNeck employee named to Oracle ACE Program

December 03, 2013

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Dec. 3, 2013)—OneNeck® IT Services, a premier global leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications including Oracle solutions, announced today Biju Thomas has been named to the Oracle ACE Program. A principal solutions architect for OneNeck, Thomas has been concentrating on Oracle Technologies in various roles for nearly 20 years. He is an Oracle Certified Program Administrator and Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert. Currently, Thomas oversees the complete database function at OneNeck, which includes more than 20 globally distributed employee team members. OneNeck is a Gold level member of the Oracle Partner network (OPN).


“Unequivocally he is the most talented technologist I have ever worked with,” said Chuck Vermillion, chief executive officer at OneNeck. “The tangible justification for this statement is evidenced by Biju’s prolific penetration into the Oracle space. His many communication streams and his not-so-common ability to translate theory into practice and then into viable solutions have increased customer satisfaction and qualify him as a legitimate and trusted leader within the Oracle community.”


The Oracle ACE Program recognizes and rewards members involved with Oracle Technology and Applications for their contributions to the Oracle community. These individuals are technically proficient and willingly share their knowledge and experiences. The program is comprised of two levels: Oracle ACE and Oracle ACE Director. The Oracle ACE designation, the program Thomas was named to, recognizes him for his many contributions and efforts within the Oracle community.


“I am deeply honored and excited to be named to such an influential group,” Thomas said. “I am very thankful to the team around me, the leaders at OneNeck, and the entire Oracle Community for their confidence in me and for letting me prove out my ideas. I look forward to continuing to help advance the Oracle cause and strengthening the success of the up-and-coming Oracle techies. I will continue to give back to the Oracle community, however I can. This is a great milestone in my career.”


Since 2006, Thomas has been actively involved with OneNeck’s administration of the Oracle E-Business Suite, including the architecture, configuration, and tuning. He makes Oracle-related presentations, is a testing participant and has earned several Oracle certifications. He is considered by many to have significant expertise in the Oracle Database and Oracle Applications space.


Throughout his career, Thomas has published many white papers and books. He is the author of Oracle Database11g Oracle Certified Associate and a co-author of the Oracle Database10g, Oracle9i Database, and Oracle8i Database certification books. In 1999, he published some of the first articles on Oracle 7.3 Database and Oracle8i Database’s LogMiner. He has also published articles in Oracle Profit Magazine, Oracle Internals and SELECT Journal.


“I feel strongly that an Oracle ACE is a community leader with personal traits which translate into teaching capabilities and facilitate the growth of the community through open discussion,” Vermillion added. “These are all traits Biju possess and clearly they are the reason he was just named to the Oracle ACE Program.”

To learn more about the Oracle ACE Program, visit oracle.com/technetwork/community/oracle-ace. For details about OneNeck, a division of TDS Hosted & Managed Services, LLC (TDS HMS), and the company’s Oracle solutions, visit oneneck.com.


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For more information contact: Cindy Tomlinson, Associate Manager - Public Relations / TDS HMS / 608-664-4471 / cindy.tomlinson@tdstelecom.com


About Oracle ACE Program:

With over 400 global participants, the Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize the most active members of the Oracle community who frequently share their substantial insight and real-world expertise with Oracle technologies through articles, blogs, social networks, and as presenters at Oracle OpenWorld and other live events. Candidates are nominated by anyone in the Oracle Technology and Applications communities and nominations are ratified by a committee. For more details, visit oracle.com/technetwork/oracleace.


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