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Colocation Buyers' Guide


The growth of advanced computing technologies, compliance and service levels is forcing organizations, both large and small, to evaluate existing data center infrastructure. By identify options that provide greater availability, access, security and affordability they are able to stretch their bottom line.

In this buyers' guide you will learn:

  • Facility challenges
  • Key data center aspects to evaluate
  • Key questions to ask when selecting a data center provider
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Our partnership with OneNeck is the result of a relationship-oriented decision process for us. Experience has shown us that corporate culture and relationship alignment between the partners are key success factors. That’s why OneNecks' commitment to respond quickly, regardless of circumstances, was important even in the proposal phase, since we believe small things tell the character of an organization. We saw their willingness to be flexible and move forward quickly as hallmarks of what we have now: a great relationship.

Chris Stockley

Senior Vice President and CIO / Skanska USA Building