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Nutanix XI Frame

Run virtual apps and desktops from any device in any location

Physical desktops and laptops are becoming a poor fit for today’s dynamic, digital workplace as most employees want to work securely from any device, in any location, and with a seamless user experience. Enter Nutanix™ Frame.

Frame is the only global, infrastructure independent DaaS platform built to deliver apps and workflows from the cloud. And users can easily access apps from their browser ― no plugins required.

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  • Instant Start: Set up and provision desktops/ applications in a matter of minutes
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Users only need a browser and a network connection to access desktops and applications
  • Performance: Optimized to deliver great performance, even over low bandwidth, high-latency networks
  • Unlimited Scale: Thousands of users through the power of public cloud providers or on-prem with Nutanix AHV
  • Turn CapEx into OpEx: Eliminate up-front costs and pay as you go through SaaS-based platform
  • Secure: Role-based access + integrates with a broad range of IDaaS services or conventional AD system

Empower both end users and IT teams with DaaS today.

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