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IT Solutions for Government

Technology that builds a foundation for the modern citizen.

Today’s state and local governments are continually called on to do more with less. Not only must they strive to satisfy an increasingly demanding constituency that expects services to be always-on and delivered in real time, but they must do so in the face of a reduced staff and budget. In addition, government CIOs must increase performance, ensure security and provide a flexible environment that allows for rapid changes in application development.

OneNeck Hybrid IT Solutions for Government

Hybrid IT solutions can transform how government operates, solving critical problems while meeting the requirements to satisfy both the mission of delivering quality service and staying within budget. As an expert hybrid cloud solutions provider, OneNeck® IT Solutions is committed to helping our customers connect with citizens in a seamless manner, foster mobility, govern more agilely and efficiently all while improving transparency, performance and governance.

City of Minneapolis Expects to Save More than $3 Million Annually with OneNeck

When the City of Minneapolis made the decision to leverage a hybrid IT solution to meet their needs, they partnered with OneNeck to make it happen.

State & Local Government Cybersecurity

In recent years, cybersecurity has become the number one priority for state and local government CIOs. Achieving and maintaining cybersecurity is an ongoing and necessary imperative.

All organizations must rethink their security practices and ensure that they are following a holistic strategy throughout the enterprise to secure sensitive data.

We did several studies and looked around at our options. There really weren’t any other data centers that offered the same level of security and reliability as the OneNeck data center in Bend. No one else could touch the capacity and redundancy built into the OneNeck facility.

Randy James

IT Manager / City of Bend

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