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IT Solutions for Government

Enabling smarter cities and communities with transformative technology solutions.

To meet the challenges of today and innovate for the future, governments must digitally transform and have an integrated approach to cybersecurity, tailored to address the broad scope of security needs that their constituency may face.

OneNeck is here to help. We have a history of working with governments on mission-critical projects and understand that security requires a multi-tiered and pervasive approach to keep threats out as well as detect and isolate any breaches quickly.


Azure Government

Azure Government is a government-only cloud you can trust, exclusively for U.S. federal, state, local and tribal government agencies and their partners.  Public sector entities receive a physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure that employs world-class security and compliance services critical to U.S. government for all systems and applications built on its architecture.

State & Local Government Cybersecurity

In recent years, cybersecurity has become the number one priority for state and local government CIOs. Achieving and maintaining cybersecurity is an ongoing and necessary imperative.

All organizations must rethink their security practices and ensure that they are following a holistic strategy throughout the enterprise to secure sensitive data.

City of Minneapolis Case Study

City expects to save $3 Million annually with OneNeck

When the City of Minneapolis made the decision to leverage a hybrid IT solution to meet their needs, they partnered with OneNeck to make it happen.

We did several studies and looked around at our options. There really weren’t any other data centers that offered the same level of security and reliability as the OneNeck data center in Bend. No one else could touch the capacity and redundancy built into the OneNeck facility.

Randy James

IT Manager / City of Bend

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