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Connected IT solutions make learning more effective.

Just a few years ago, the challenge was to get a computer into the hands of every student. Today, that challenge also includes a struggle with provisioning and managing mobile devices and delivering sufficient wireless bandwidth.

As the network infrastructure at many schools continues to age, it becomes harder to accommodate the increasing demands of the connected classroom. IT managers must address demands for greater IT security, access monitoring and nearly limitless wireless bandwidth, while supporting the new connected classroom strategies, which include social media, multimedia, streaming video, flipped learning and gamification.

We understand the technological needs of today’s school systems. In fact, we have helped numerous educational institutions and school systems to first understand their current connectivity demands and then assess their enterprise infrastructure in order to identify new strategies that could be developed to meet the evolving connected classroom demands — without breaking the budget.

Providing Tailored Solutions

Drawing from years of experience working with school systems, OneNeck® IT Solutions delivers customized solutions for education, including:

  • Enterprise networking—Get the most of your infrastructure with a full complement of services that supports enterprise networking. This includes design and deployment, consulting and application management.
  • Wireless networking—As the newfound foundation for classroom instruction, you need a robust wireless network infrastructure to support an entire school simultaneously.
  • Mobility solutions—Looking for new strategies to help your students and teachers who are always on the go, accessing information and sharing materials from remote locations using handheld devices? You need an IT partner who can design and implement strategies allowing for secure mobile access, BYOD and mobile user management while extending your educational resources beyond the classroom.
  • Security solutions—In an educational setting, the challenge is finding new ways to protect data stored on premises, divert malware threats, ensure authentication and control online content accessed in the classroom. You need a custom security strategy that meets your unique needs today and continues to evolve to meet future needs.
  • Cloud services—To minimize infrastructure costs and increase flexibility, more school systems are adopting cloud services to host applications, provide data storage and enable collaboration. Cloud platforms and services can provide the ultimate in security, data accessibility and compliance. They can also be customized to meet the needs of your school system.

Is it time to look for ways to make your classroom more connected? Contact OneNeck and ask about ways to help your school system extend their enterprise infrastructure while laying the foundation to meet the future needs of your connected classroom.

Mt. Mercy University Partners with OneNeck to Upgrade Their Network Infrastructure

As a relatively small educational institution with limited resources, Mt. Mercy University had an aging network infrastructure that could no longer meet the needs of the institution, and they turned to OneNeck for help.

Ignite Innovation with Cisco Solutions in Education

Ignite innovation and ensure exceptional experiences with simple, automated, secure Cisco Data Center solutions that embrace hybrid transformation to enhance teaching, learning and research.

OneNeck for Higher Education - At a Glance

What to know what OneNeck does to help educational institutions?

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