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Industry IT Solutions

Understanding your business through depth of experience.

From years of working closely with a customer base that varies from healthcare to retail to engineering, OneNeck® IT Solutions has an experienced team whose industry knowledge of unique issues and key business drivers of vertical markets allows them to create the most effective professional IT solutions for business.


Enabling students to learn from anywhere, on any device, in new and innovative ways.

Energy & Utilities

Empowering energy and utility companies to run more efficiently and provide unmatched service levels to their consumers.

Engineering & Construction

Building transformative solutions for the modern construction company, utilizing technology to build better and faster.

Food & Beverage

Meeting customer demands with technology that enhances the consumer and provider experience, all while improving efficiency and reducing cost.


Providing the technology for smarter and safer communities that enables more agile, citizen-centric services.


Transforming legacy healthcare into innovative solutions that connect patients and providers, delivering quality care for a healthier tomorrow.


Improving manufacturing operations by connecting people, process and tools that reduce downtime and increase productivity.


Enhancing customer experience and increasing associate productivity with technology that optimizes business services.


How Managed Network Services Can Lower IT Costs

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