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Hybrid Cloud Assessment

Defining your hybrid cloud roadmap through holistic analysis

Defining the right roadmap to leverage hybrid cloud requires a holistic look at how your applications support your business.

At OneNeck® IT Solutions, we believe the best path to the hybrid cloud lies in evaluating your current business and IT alignment, and then charting a course for application portfolio optimization. Our Hybrid Cloud Assessment includes assessing your business and IT alignment, an application portfolio state review, a hybrid cloud infrastructure assessment and a comprehensive hybrid cloud roadmap designed to meet your specific business needs.

Business and IT Alignment

OneNeck begins each IT assessment with a review of your business strategy. Interviews are conducted with your business leaders to understand the overall business drivers and upcoming business plans. These interviews help to uncover the key processes and business applications that support the most critical parts of your business.

Then, we proceed to review your IT strategy. Interviews are conducted with your IT leaders to understand their strategic goals and direction. Existing strategies for enabling domains such as enterprise architecture, integration architecture, infrastructure strategy and security and compliance are reviewed for alignment with current technology capabilities and trends with a focus on support of hybrid cloud.

The results from these business and IT reviews are analyzed to provide a view into your current and planned state of your business and IT alignment and an evaluation of your enterprise application strategy.

Portfolio State Review and Technology Assessment

Following the business and IT alignment phase, OneNeck proceeds to review the current state of your application portfolio.  

This process helps our team understand your current and planned business applications. It also provides insight into the opportunities and potential risks of various hybrid cloud deployment models for these applications.

As part of the technology assessment OneNeck performs, we analyze your workloads and supporting infrastructure, bandwidth impact, disaster recovery strategies and end-user experience dynamics.  This assessment is focused on both understanding the potential of different hybrid cloud deployment models for your portfolio and the potential complexity of migrating workloads from your current state to a future hybrid cloud state.

Application Portfolio Optimization and Hybrid Cloud Roadmap

OneNeck combines the outcomes from the business and IT alignment and current/planned portfolio state assessments to produce recommended opportunities to optimize your application portfolio. This is specifically targeted at supporting and reducing your risk during the next phase as you progress toward hybrid cloud.

Finally, OneNeck will produce a hybrid cloud roadmap that provides guidance on the steps needed to move into a hybrid cloud architecture. These recommendations span business and IT alignment and application portfolio optimization, and will include recommended actions to achieving your core IT strategies. 

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Additional Services

OneNeck offers the following additional services, depending on your requirements:

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