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Digital Transformation Presentation: Strategies to Improve Data Visibility

Considerations for Data Integration, Management and Governance

Do You Know Where All Your Data Lives?

Where does your organization’s data live? Can you analyze it to guide and implement successful IT initiatives? Find out how your peers are tackling digital modernization challenges in this informative presentation.


If you’re driving down the highway at night with your headlights off, you drive slowly. Turn them on, and you’ll feel better about speeding up. Data visibility is the same. With a clear picture of where your data resides, how to manage it and how to analyze it, you’ll be more confident moving the organization forward. OneNeck’s Jeff Budge joins Carl Brooks of 451 Research in a presentation that reveals:

  • Top data management challenges the cloud brings
  • How organizations harness their data on premises, on the edge and in the cloud
  • Real-world use case in life cycle management and data governance

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There just continues to be more and more and more choices, options… and along with that comes some amount of complexity.

Jeff Budge

Vice President, Advisory Consulting and Product Management / OneNeck