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Are You Prepared for a Multi-Cloud World?

5 Best Practices to Manage Increasing Deployment Complexity

Multi-Cloud is the Future – But is Your Organization Ready to Take Advantage?

harder_pov_thumbAccording to IDC, more than 85 percent of enterprises may plan moves to multi-cloud architectures in 2018.

However, this migration requires an IT investment and focus that organizations may not be prepared for. 

In this Point of View Paper by OneNeck CTO and SVP Clint Harder, he answers key questions and uncovers best practices around multi-cloud environments:

  • Why is it so critical to involve IT in strategic planning today?
  • How can an application inventory reveal gaps and opportunities in cloud migration?
  • Which budgeting procedures need to change when moving to the cloud?
  • What is the surprising skill that IT departments may lack when it comes to cloud migration?

clint_harder_small-975349-editedAuthor: Clint Harder, Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President, OneNeck

Clint Harder is responsible for shaping OneNeck’s product development and technology strategy. He has extensive professional experience in software development, lifecycle management, manufacturing process engineering and total quality system management.


Prepare for the Future of Cloud with Our POV Paper by OneNeck CTO Clint Harder

While the multi-cloud world is indeed the future—and one that offers significant benefits—it requires an IT transformation more involved than some organizations may recognize. Preparing for that transformation is not a quick and easy endeavor, nor one that will go smoothly without focused attention and planning.

Clint Harder

Chief Technical Officer / OneNeck