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Will Your Organization Modernize Fast Enough to Survive?

5 Best Practices to Modernize and Migrate Your Applications

Survival of the Fittest Comes to the Midmarket.

Over the past half decade, midsize businesses have seen application modernization go from a "we'll get to it someday" project to a critical issue that must be addressed. But unlike in the large enterprise space, employee resources and vendor support just aren't there to make projects feasible in the midmarket.

So, what are midsize organizations to do? In this Point of View Paper from OneNeck Vice President of Advisory Consulting, Jeff Budge, we address today's critical app modernization questions:

  • How can midmarket companies overcome the lack of support they receive from IT vendors?
  • What attributes are you missing when undertaking vendor analysis?
  • Where can overworked IT departments get the resources they need to address these critical projects?
  • "Digital Transformation" is the hot new enterprise IT buzzword – but what does it actually mean for your organization?

Need to Jumpstart Modernization in Your Organization? Get Started with this Expert And Unbiased Advice:

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Jeff Budge

Author: Jeff Budge, Vice President, Advisory Consulting and Product Management, OneNeck

Jeff Budge leads the product strategy, development and management team at OneNeck, and is a member of the company's advisory consulting team. He has nearly 30 years of experience in enterprise architecture, product management and enterprise business applications and technologies.


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You can hear the clock ticking as your old, unstable apps fall further and further behind — and your competition jumps ahead. It's time for midmarket organizations to make the move to survive and be competitive.

Jeff Budge

Vice President, Advisory Consulting and Product Management / OneNeck