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Where Does Your Company Stand?

Change is difficult.

Convincing others in your company to make what you believe are important changes to IT can be even harder. Digital transformation means adopting new technologies, updating workflows, improving customer experience and even shifting the corporate culture - all of which can be disruptive yet necessary.

Understanding how your organization compares to similar companies pursuing digital transformation helps you assess the sense of urgency and could persuade decision-makers to approve important projects, allowing you to move forward.

To help you make your case, OneNeck developed a simple self-evaluation tool using data from a 451 Research survey.

Answer two basic questions to see where you stand compared to hundreds of respondents who participated in the survey.

Answer these two questions to find out.


What is the approximate size of your organization?

1-249 employees
1,000-9,999 employees
250-999 employees
10,000+ employees

Which of the following best describes your company's current stage in its digital transformation strategy?

Execution: We have a formal strategy and are actively digitizing our business processes and/or assets.
Evaluation: We are planning and researching to develop a digital transformation strategy.
Consideration: We are considering it, but have no formal plans.
No strategy: We currently have no digital transformation strategy.
Please Answer Both Questions.
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