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Cohesity + OneNeck

Demand more from your backup

Cohesity-logo-green copyThe journey to simplified backup and recovery and modern data management can be rocky. But it doesn’t have to be.

OneNeck, with our partner Cohesity, can help you get from here to there by converging backup, recovery, replication and disaster recovery on a single, cloud-native platform for:

  • A smaller data center footprint
  • Guaranteed data resiliency
  • SLA assurance
Legacy Cohesity
Siloed media servers and targets One hyperconverged platform
Multiple, fragmented UIs to configure backup   workflows Single-management UI with policy-based protection
Cloud gateway Cloud native
Forklift upgrades to scale up Limitless, transparent scale-out
Slow restores, limited VMs Instant mass restore, unlimited VMs, any point in time
Local and/or fixed-block dedupe with compression Best-in-class efficiency with global in-line variable length block dedupe with compression
Disruptive, pre-planned upgrades Online upgrades and expansion
Just a backup Backup data made productive for test/dev, compliance, security and analytics

Read the solution brief to learn more about how Cohesity converges enterprise backup and recovery.

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