ReliaCloud EDGE High Density Compute


ReliaCloud EDGE HDC is configured to support clusters with a higher density of VMs per node. HDC clusters are appropriate for environments with hundreds to thousands of VMs. When building HDC environments consider N+2 architectures.  

ReliaCloud EDGE HDC Nodes
Model Reliacloud-hdc-node

ReliaCloud EDGE

Price Per Node $3855 AHV
$4055 ESXi
Chassis/Model Nutanix NX-G8 8155
Processor 2x Intel Xeon-Gold 6342 Processor (2.8GHz/ 24-core/ 205W) (48 cores) 
RAM* 2048GB 
SSD 30.72TB
NIC (Add-on) 1x 25GbE, 2-port, SFP28 Network Adapter (Intel XXV710) 
GPU None

*Typical configuration for 2048GB RAM is 32x64GB 3200MHz DDR4 RDIMM.


Other Details
Model HDC.4830H
Licensing Capacity Based
Cluster Software AOS ULT + Prism ULT 
Min Nodes per Cluster  3
MAX Nodes per Cluster 12
Sizing Guidance
Model HDC.4830H 
451 Benchmark Index VMs  149
VMs per Node  50 
Largest Size VM – vCPU  18