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Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Expand your business with the infinite scalability of hyperscale public cloud.

Combine the power of Microsoft Azure with OneNeck's public cloud and managed IT services expertise and get a solution that expands your IT capabilities for a more flexible, agile and scalable environment.

Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft 365 is an integrated, public cloud-powered productivity set of tools that allows your employees flexible work environments.

Work smarter, faster, and more secure with Microsoft 365 for Business.

Microsoft Azure SQL

Azure SQL Database is Azure’s Database as a service (DBaaS). It is an intelligent, scalable cloud database service.  

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, OneNeck can help you move or upgrade to Azure SQL, leveraging our proven experience, best practices, automated tools and accelerators.

Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL database service for modern app development. It enables industry-leading organizations to unlock the value of data, and respond to global customers and changing business dynamics in real-time.

OneNeck Connect for Azure

Want to extend your data center and enjoy the scale and economics of Microsoft Azure public cloud without compromising on network security or performance? Get private connectivity from a OneNeck data center into Microsoft Azure via Azure ExpressRoute over our redundant 10 Gbps connections into Azure.

Azure Government

Azure Government is a government-only cloud you can trust, exclusively for U.S. federal, state, local and tribal government agencies and their partners.  Public sector entities receive a physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure that employs world-class security and compliance services critical to U.S. government for all systems and applications built on its architecture.

Azure Assessment

The OneNeck Azure Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment provides expert insight to help organizations reduce both current and ongoing Azure cloud costs by identifying and eliminating wasted spend.

An Azure Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment will:

  • Uncover Inefficient use of cloud resources.
  • Save you money on your cloud infrastructure costs.
  • Help you account for the majority of wasted cloud spend and budget overruns.

Enterprise Agreement vs. Cloud Solution Provider

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program brings greater flexibility when purchasing and managing Microsoft licensing. Instead of a 3 year commitment with Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), Microsoft CSP is completely month-to-month and allows you to add or remove licenses as needed, only paying for what you actually use.

Compared with our previous backup solution, our Azure backup solution costs significantly less to run, and we don’t need to provision extra storage to meet future requirements. That ultimately means we’ll be able to expand our business and provide our customers with better service.

Steve Fontanini

IT Director / SPAL

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