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Colocated or On-Premise Private Cloud

Get flexibility and security with a
private cloud provider.

Yet they face a dilemma between two competing goals: building a cloud that is open and can integrate with other clouds, while also being able to run existing in-house systems and applications.

OneNeck can help you achieve both by helping you build and manage your private cloud. Whether you are using existing infrastructure or procuring new, OneNeck will reduce the time, cost and complexity of implementing on-prem cloud solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Design and Implementation Services

OneNeck has your back with a complete range of design and implementation services that deliver hybrid IT solutions in a complex world of evolving technologies. We combine our expertise with proven methodologies to deliver a hybrid cloud assessment, implementation and migration services. Utilizing the right people, process, technology and project management, our established methodology ensures:

  • Service consistency
  • Service quality
  • Expectations met
  • Avoid and mitigate risk
  • Known cost
  • Timeframe met

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

Businesses of all sizes are specifically asking for fewer moving parts while delivering more services to their users. Lean IT teams cannot keep up using traditional custom-integrated server, storage, network, virtualization, backup and replication, automation, etc. Enter converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.

Converged infrastructure tightly integrates compute, storage, networking, virtualization and automation resources into a proven private-cloud architecture. Hyperconvergence adds additional elements like backup software, snapshot capability, data deduplication, inline compression and WAN optimization into one appliance using inexpensive commodity hardware—all managed under a single management interface. Now any size business has access to modern infrastructure without the complexity. 

Use Cases

Understanding when on-premises cloud makes sense is key in ensuring the right cloud fit for your organization.

  • Stringent Governance or Regulatory Requirements—For some verticals like healthcare, where governance and regulatory requirements are strictly mandated, an on-site private cloud option may be the only option.
  • Network Latency Requirements—When speed is critical and users are some distance away, an on-site private cloud may be the best option.
OneNeck has people that know us and know our business. They have great employee retention, so the people we work with today, we have worked with in the past. We value and trust their opinion and see them as “our experts” in every area.

Karleen C.

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