ReliaCloud OBJECTS

Scalable Cloud-Based Storage

Managed Unstructured Data with ReliaCloud® OBJECTS

Today’s organizations are faced with the challenge of huge amounts of unstructured data and often turn to point solutions to manage it. With these traditional solutions, they create an environment of  inefficient infrastructure silos with inherent complexity, and struggle to manage, deploy and scale their storage. Meeting the unstructured data challenge requires a different approach to storage, and this is where a cloud-based, software-defined object storage excels.

What is an Object Based Storage System?

Object based storage is designed for unstructured data that is highly scalable and resilient for the world of cloud. Since unstructured data is not a fixed format and consists of varying size files, it requires storage that’s accessible over the network via simple S3-compatible HTTP REST API calls and can expand and scale as needed as the data grows.

ReliaCloud OBJECTS

To meet this growing unstructured data demand, we offer ReliaCloud OBJECTS. ReliaCloud OBJECTS takes less than five minutes to deploy and brings a securely-architected, robust storage solution to any environment. Included with ReliaCloud OBJECTS, you get…

  • Cloud-based, Software-defined Object Storage – Since it’s a cloud-based, software-defined solution, there’s need for an upfront hardware investment.
  • Scale & Performance – ReliaCloud OBJECTS was built for with large amounts of unstructured data, so as the demand grows, scaling up is easy.
  • Highly Secure Platform – ReliaCloud Objects is designed with a security-first approach. Objects are immutable with all transactions authenticated via access keys and secret keys. And, ReliaCloud resides in OneNeck’s purpose-built facilities, design and engineered for mission-critical data.
  • Data Protection – ReliaCloud OBJECTS data is protected with erasure coding, optional versioning, object locking, WORM and the ability to replicate buckets to another availability zone.
  • Streaming Replication (Optional) – ReliaCloud OBJECTS can be configured to stream to another ReliaCloud availability zone, to provide protection and geographic diversity of your unstructured data.
  • Capacity-based Licensing – With hourly, gigabyte-based licensing, you pay for what you need without wasting money. And you will never be charged costly fees for data ingress.
  • Visibility – Enjoy single-pane-of-glass visibility into your data via an HTML5, browser-based interface.
  • Custom Configurations – ReliaCloud OBJECTS can be configured to support various features such as sharing permissions, objects versioning, WORM, CORS, static web site hosting, and bucket replication.
  • Managed Services – As an additional option, ReliaCloud OBJECTS can be fully managed by OneNeck experts taking the day-to-day management burden off of your team.

So, if you’re ready to move past your point storage solutions and reduce complexity, ReliaCloud OBJECTS gives you a single platform to tackle your unstructured data, from terabytes to petabytes, it scales with you.


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