ReliaCloud Shared File Services

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Simple, flexible, intelligent shared file storage built to scale with you.

As organizations adopt cloud services, user expectations rise. Users and IT teams want file services with easy access, always-on availability, and simple, automated scaling of capacity and performance. But satisfying these demands with traditional NAS systems can be a time-consuming and budget-breaking endeavor that leaves users dissatisfied and administrators overworked. Additionally, public cloud file services may not be cost effective or mature enough for enterprise needs.

ReliaCloud® FILES offers a modern, software-defined solution that addresses the traditional NAS challenges by including:

  • Software-defined – It’s software defined, so no need to invest in an expensive hardware appliance or find data center space with network connections and power.
  • Data-driven Intelligence and Analytics – With ReliaCloud EDGE FILES, get deep insights and rich analytics on file data, with visibility into what and how users are accessing files, all via a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Resiliency & Self-healing – If a failure occurs, full data redundancy is quickly and automatically restored without administrator involvement. In addition to built-in resiliency, backup and disaster recovery is integrated and automated, which replicates data to a secondary cluster.
  • Scalability – Because it is a scale up architecture, as more resources are added, performance scales with it.
  • Workload Optimization – Everything hot runs in SSD while auto balancing and tiering cold workloads onto HDD in ReliaCloud FILES, yielding maximum efficiency and resource utilization, making it very cost effective.
  • Compression, De-duplication & Erasure Coding – With built-in compression, de-duplication and erasure, data is reduced and optimized, making for a lower footprint and reduced cost.
  • Multiple Deployment Options –  Options range from small, pay-as-you-go to large, dedicated solutions that come with the added benefit of service provider licensing

By delivering file services from ReliaCloud, we bring a highly available, software-defined, scale-out file storage solution that enables your users to share files across workstations from a centralized and protected location.

Our ReliaCloud FILES offering includes these flexible deployment options:

  • ReliaCloud EDGE FILES (In Cluster) – This option leverages any existing ReliaCloud EDGE cluster (min. 3 nodes) and its available storage.
  • ReliaCloud EDGE FILES (Dedicated) – This option is purpose built on a dedicated cluster for large scale FILES usage.
  • ReliaCloud ELASTIC FILES (Cloud-based) – This FILES option is cloud based in a pay-as-you-go model (per gigabyte/per hour) that starts at a one terabyte minimum.
  • ReliaCloud Managed FILES – For customer-owned scenarios, we offer a full suite of managed services for either mixed cluster use (virtualization and files services) or a dedicated cluster.
ReliaCloud FILES Specifications
Protocols Architecture User experience
  • Server Message Block (SMB) – SMBv2 and SMB v3 support
  • Network File System (NFS) – NFSv3 and NFSv4 support
  • Multiprotocol support
  • High availability architecture
  • Hot workloads performance class tier
  • Space saving features (deduplication*, compression*, EC-X*)
  • Data at rest encryption
  • Scale-up and scale out performance optimization
  • RF2 – two copies of data locally within cluster
  • Additional protection from scheduled snapshots
  • [Add on] snapshot replication to geographically diverse ReliaCloud Site with recoverability
  • + [Add on] ReliaCloud Backup for additional data protection options
  • Integration with directory services
  • Self-service file restoration**
  • Native integration with ReliaCloud backup
  • Customizable snapshot schedule and retention
  • OneNeck Managed Service
  • 100% Service Level for availability
*Note:  deduplication and compression and EC-X features aren’t always recommended depending upon the workload type and file type.  EC-X requires four (4) nodes.

** SMB only, requires snapshots.


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