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Who Owns Cloud Security?

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Securing data and applications in the cloud is no easy feat.who-owns-cloud-security

In fact, getting cloud security right must be a shared responsibility between a cloud provider and you, the customer. But where does the provider’s role end and yours begin? This eBook will detail how to best approach and address risk management and deal with security threats, collaboratively. 

Inside this eBook you will find: 

  • Five common security issues that must be addressed
  • A shared responsibility model for cloud security 
  • Best practices for managing shared responsibilities
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OneNeck brought a local team of highly competent cloud resources to the table that demonstrated their ability to address our design, implementation and support concerns. Keeping our unique architecture requirements in mind, they were able to craft a solution that not only met our needs today, but would allow us to scale as those needs changed in the future.

Jon Higgins

Chief Technology Officer / Musicnotes.com