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The Importance of Backups in Ransomware Recovery

A&A Machine & Fabrication

The Company

A&A Machine and Fabrication provides premier machining and fabrication to companies and industries around the world.

Business Challenge

A ransomware attack left the company scrambling to uncover the damage and get back up and running.



The Challenge

Managing a business requires preparation for many different scenarios. Some events have a low likelihood of occurring, so it's hard to adequately prepare. Other events, however are inevitable. These days, one of those inevitabilities is a malware attack. With the number of cases growing each year, IT professionals know that such attacks are not a matter of "if" but "when."

For A&A Machine and Fabrication that "when" came early on a Friday morning.  Steve Jones, A&A's Information Technology and Systems Manager received a text from an employee including a screenshot of a computer monitor with a message indicating that it was locked - and payment was needed to unlock it.

The Solution

Jones had worked with OneNeck previously to launch Microsoft 365, so he put in a call. Since the ransomware attack occurred during a worldwide pandemic, OneNeck staff operated as remotely as they could.  However, when they couldn’t, they stayed on site as late as A&A's own staff. "OneNeck made resources available as we needed them and they were willing to do whatever it took to help A&A recover" said Jones.

The Results

By Monday morning, A&A had new desktops in place and an ERP system running. Their email was operational the following day, giving them nearly everything they needed to conduct business. By the end of Tuesday, A&A even had a working file sharing solution. Only 2.5 days after the initial attack, they were at 95% of their operating capacity. Because of an existing backup system and the fast actions of OneNeck, A&A barely lost any data.

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