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Martin Health Services

Reliable colocation has everyone breathing easier.

The Company

Martin Health Services (MHS) specializes in proving long-term care pharmaceutical services throughout Iowa.

Business Challenges

Reliable colocation services with redundant carrier services and power, small colocation footprint required with room for future expansion


Prescription drug fulfillment services for more than 200 long-term and residential care facilities.

The Challenge

A business having its own data center isn’t always a solid solution. Martin Health Services was experiencing unreliable power, creating outages that stopped access to data and hurt fulfillment of client orders. The cure was a cost-effective, off-site colocation data center provider that could maintain reliable connectivity to more than 200 facilities across Iowa.

The Solution

OneNeck® IT Solutions provided complete availability to Martin Health Services’ applications at all times, plus carrier redundancy. OneNeck’s managed  colocation hosting services also minimized disaster risk, and offered the ability to scale business up as needed.

The Results

OneNeck’s custom IT solutions for Martin Health Services have allowed IT staff to attack strategic business needs instead of battling service outages. The data center’s reliability streamlines customer service and record-keeping. Without interruptions, business flows as it should, which now happens to be at quite a healthy pace.

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