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Moving to the cloud proves to be cost-effective

The Company

Based in Minneapolis, Four51 is a technology company specializing in B2B eCommerce solutions, hosted and delivered as subscription-based service offerings.

Business Challenge

Decide between replacing outdated infrastructure or moving to a cloud-based hosted environment.


Software-as-a-Service, B2B eCommerce

The Challenge

As a SaaS provider, infrastructure was not a core competency of Four51’s. Their existing, aging infrastructure was hard to size properly, management was cumbersome, was difficult to scale as they added or removed clients and became extremely costly to build redundancy and high availability.

“We needed to carefully evaluate options that would eliminate the high upfront costs of an on-premises solution and allow us to align our IT expenditure with growth,” said Jon Wylie, Vice President of Finance at Four51.

The Solution

The journey began with a well-constructed, in-depth total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis. OneNeck worked with Four51 to identify and weigh the value of TCO variables when considering a hardware refresh or move to the cloud.

The TCO was about equal when factoring in hardware, software and staffing. However, when evaluating flexibility, scalability, risk avoidance and resiliency, the difference between the two scenarios became clear.

“Moving to the cloud made the most sense,” said Wylie. “Especially when looking into the near future when Four51 would be faced with a hardware refresh, high cost of maintenance and software licensing scenario again.”

Based on these findings, OneNeck recommended, ReliaCloud®, our hosted private cloud platform, to host their SaaS applications and meet their 100% uptime requirements. In addition, OneNeck is providing Four51 with disaster recovery services, operating system (OS) and SQL managed services.

The Results

With OneNeck taking ownership of infrastructure, Four51’s IT staff was able to re-focus on core competencies and initiatives that drive innovation and new business, rather than focusing on keeping things running.

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