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Custom IT outsourcing solutions that put smiles on faces.

The Company

Founded in 1964, A-dec has become one of the largest dental equipment manufacturers in the world.

Business Challenge

Support daily ERP system operation, provide application expertise, free-up in-house IT staff for strategic projects



The Challenge

An ERP application can streamline operations. It can also tax in-house IT personnel with support demands. For A-dec, the need was for an expert to provide outsourcing and managed services along with a personalized, synergistic relationship.

The Solution

OneNeck® IT Solutions provided ERP application management, data center security services, database administration, among others. The trust built with A-dec has since led to additional, more complex and remote services, from application integration to WAN/LAN management to consulting.

The Results

A-dec’s IT personnel have transitioned away from day-to-day support and assumed a more strategic approach. As OneNeck continues to learn A-dec’s business and complement its IT staff, the partnership has expanded into a full managed IT services and support relationship.

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