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Understanding the Economic Impact of Cisco ONE Software

Posted On: July 06, 2017

Topic: IT Hardware

piggy bank on a calculator While IT is constantly asked to do more with less, enterprises and SMBs alike are looking for new ways to improve productivity thanks to innovations in business intelligence. Customers look to their vendors to give them more value for their money, protect their investments and provide predictable technology spending. With limited staff and operating budgets, it becomes more difficult for organizations to adopt new technologies.

In response to these challenges, Cisco developed Cisco ONE Software to provide an all-in-one solution designed to curtail downtime and reduce overhead spending. Cisco ONE promises simpler procurement processes, standardized management tools, access to ongoing Innovation and license portability – to help reduce IT management time and improve employee performance. But what does this really mean for your organization?

What Is Cisco ONE?

At its core, Cisco ONE Software maximizes a company's’ software capabilities. It is made up of four components:

  • Cisco ONE Data Center and Cloud – a scalable private and hybrid cloud solution for virtualized and physical data.
  • Cisco ONE for WAN – a comprehensive WAN connection with high-end encryption and network access control.
  • Cisco ONE for Access – manages security and performance measures for wired and wireless access.
  • Cisco ONE Advanced Security — provides robust threat defense and central policy management capabilities.

The software includes essential network and business intelligence solutions that would otherwise have to be purchased, maintained and updated individually. This leads to a more cost-effective package that Cisco has termed a “better together” pricing solution.

Cost-Savings Benefits of Using Cisco ONE

To analyze the financial benefits of Cisco ONE, Cisco hired Forrester Consulting to examine the return on investment (ROI) of deploying the software in a real-world office environment. Forrester Consulting interviewed a management consulting firm that has used Cisco ONE Software for one year and counting.

An extensive interview and a look at the company’s financial reports yielded the following information:

  • Reduced Router Cost
    The company saved $88,825 in initial investment in router costs by using Cisco ONE Software in place of a non-Cisco licensing option. Furthermore, Cisco ONE Software provides future router software updates at no cost, providing an estimated savings of $45,390 over a five-year period.
  • Reduced Router Management Cost
    Cisco ONE Software provides standardization for the company’s network infrastructure. This automated much of what would have to be handled by the organization’s in-house IT staff. The company was able to reallocate the team to other IT tasks for an annual saving of $54,000 in networking costs.
  • Increased Staff Performance
    Cisco ONE Software standardization across all offices and departments reduced downtime, saving an estimated annual $15,775 in productivity costs.

Cisco ONE Investment Results

The study also revealed that the company spent $15,900 in resource and set-up costs during the initial investment and is projected to spend an additional $9,953 to $13,270 each year after that.

After accounting for all costs and savings, Forrester Consulting estimated that a 10-year implementation of Cisco ONE Software would yield a net profit value (NPV) of $606,990. The present value of benefits ($773,000) exceeded the present value of costs ($166,000) four-times fold

Cost aside, the software also freed up network server space by 40,000-square-feet. This created room for in-person collaboration and internal staff meetings.


OneNeck IT Solutions and Cisco

OneNeck is a long-time partner of Cisco, evolving with the brand as it develops the latest business software solutions. As a result, we extend this evolution to our customers, providing state-of-the-art IT innovations compatible yet customizable for all industries. 

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