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Top 3 “Gotchas” for Outdated Data Centers

Posted On: June 23, 2015

Topic: Company News

DataCenter_16.pngIt’s a fact: countless companies suffer from outdated data center infrastructures (you know who you are). And every single day those companies are rolling the dice not only with their own data but with their clients’ data as well. The average lifecycle of a data center is a mere 15 years, with the most recent boom of data center build-outs taking place after Y2K. When you do the math on that one, it quickly becomes apparent that many organizations are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Here are the top items that could potentially spell disaster for your IT department:

1) Too Much Power!

Most data centers, while adequate when they were built, are now under-designed to support today’s market for (kW) power per cabinet. If this sounds bad, that’s because it is. 

Power density in racks is higher than it’s ever been, with each rack drawing 28 kW of electricity. The byproduct of each watt is additional heat—which must be removed from the rack and ultimately the data center. Without adequate HVAC cooling to remove the increased heat generated by increased power, you could get burned. Literally. 

And while servers don’t struggle in the heat as much and people might think (as evidenced in a study by the University of Toronto), downtime from a data center fire is a real threat. Even when following failover best practices, sprinkler systems and dry gas suppression systems can cause tremendous damage to your infrastructure. We know the havoc water can wreak. But what you might not know is that Halon Gas can be extremely corrosive to equipment and the environment. So unless you’re using something clean like Fike’s ECARO-25, which is non-conductive or corrosive, you’re looking at a lengthy—and expensive—rebuild of your data center. Not fun. 

2) Security. Or Lack Thereof.

Let’s face it, data breaches won’t be slowing down anytime soon. And with the ever changing IT landscape of PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SSAE 16 becoming increasingly complex, there are now more requirements than ever to be compliant. For PCI alone there are more than 400 controls and sub-controls that must be implemented. According to the Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report, 67% of organizations did not adequately test the security of all in-scope systems and “four out of five companies still fail at interim assessment.” In other words, most companies fail to sustain the security protocol that they’ve put in place. Whoopsie. 

3) Total Overload, All The Way Around.

Poor CIOs. There are all kinds of factors keeping them up at night including resource strain, budget allocation, and increased usage of video conferencing and database applications. On top of that, a global study commissioned by Brocade found that many organizations still rely on outdated data center infrastructures. The statistics are alarming:

  • 91% of IT decision-makers said their IT infrastructure requires substantial upgrades to meet their current requirements, many of which are due to virtualization and cloud computing
  • 1/3 of the respondents surveyed admitted they experience multiple network failures each week
  • 61% of data center professionals lamented that their corporate networks are simply not fit for duty
  • Most importantly, 41% said breached SLAs and customers’ lack of confidence resulted in a negative financial impact
  • On the bright side, 51% of organizations are planning to implement Ethernet fabrics to support virtualization and seek to deploy Software-Defined Networks (SDN) to improve flexibility and the ability to deliver new applications in minutes rather than days 

But Wait! There's Good News.

Introducing a brand new, state-of-the-art data center right in your backyard that will negate every single one of the aforementioned hazards. The OneNeck Denver Data Center was engineered to manage comprehensive information technology solutions and ensure the highest levels of protection. Our facility features industrial grade environmental systems that minimize risks from electrical power failure.  Our all concrete facility with concrete Walls, Floors, and Roofs creates a fortified structure protecting against fires in the data center, water damage, acts of nature, and unauthorized access. 

More than just offering its customers a state of the art data center, OneNeck also offer’s customers a complete service offering of Hybrid IT services including Cloud Services, Managed Services, Hosted ERP, Hardware and Professional Services, and yes Colocation.  So as a customer’s IT needs & requirements change over time, CIO’s can feel comfortable in choosing OneNeck as its data center provider today, as we have the additional complimentary services to meeting the customer’s ever changing IT needs. 

Take A Tour

Now that you know the potential dangers of using an outdated facility, we invite you visit the brand new OneNeck Denver Data Center for a comprehensive no-hassle, private tour. Click here to schedule a tour for yourself and your colleagues.