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Secure Enterprise Mobility 101

Posted On: May 16, 2017

Topic: Security

The growing mobile workforce is bringing with it two of the fastest growing operational and security concerns — Enterprise Mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

The mobile workforce is comprised of employees scattered across the globe, including those who telecommute or frequently travel outside the office and connect to the network through company and employee-owned tablets, smartphones and other devices. No longer just a BYOD concern, employees are bringing their own apps (BYOA) and using consumer apps on their mobile devices in the workplace to manage tasks and communicate more efficiently.

In a recent study, 58% of survey respondents indicated that the use of mobile devices in the workplace was "critical" for maximizing efficiency. Another report by Cisco revealed that US employees save an average of 81 minutes per week when permitted to use their personal devices for accessing company data.

While these productivity gains are great for productivity, they are not so wonderful for those in charge of managing interconnectivity and maintaining security for the mobile and BYOD workforce, and has created a break in the connection between mobile security and Enterprise Mobility Management/ Mobile Device Management (EMM/ MDM).

In fact, a March 2016 report by Ponemon stated that 67% of IT and security professionals believe their organization has already been breached through mobile with the most frequent attacks coming from device-based threats like phishing schemes and malicious applications, and network-based threats like spoofed Wi-Fi or fake cell tower.

What Is Secure Enterprise Mobility?

To keep your data safe from threats, the right policies and procedures need to be put in place with regards to what devices are allowed access and how access is granted — without hampering employee productivity. One side of the equation is the securing the mobile devices themselves, and the other is maintaining the security of the data on your network that is accessed by mobile devices.

Secure Enterprise Mobility (SEM) is an umbrella term for the solutions designed to protect mobile devices from threats, encompassing EMM and MDM. SEM addresses both mobile security, the technology and live monitoring tools designed to safeguard the mobile workforce from threats; and securing mobility, the protection of enterprise data accessed in a BYOD/BYOA environment.

SEM provides an end-to-end architecture and deployment of your mobile environment to ensure reliable connectivity with the highest security protections, without compromising employees digital productivity needs.

Measures for Securing Mobility

Whether you like it or not, employees are accessing and storing sensitive corporate data from their mobile devices. To protect your organization, you will need to go beyond EMM/MDM, which are necessary help IT departments keep track of devices — but do not provide security.

To provide true SEM, you will need to go beyond EMM/MDM to include:

  • Device and User Security — Configure your environment to provide security services such as limiting enrollment to approved devices by platform and device type.
  • Application Security —  Protect your network against non-compliant apps with custom-configured policies.
  • Email Security —  Define and deploy secure email configurations, such as viewing email attachments in a secure content locker.
  • Content and Web Security — Configure policies, such as content lockers for mobile users.
  • Compliance – Implement measures to set policy and meet compliance mandates.

Secure Enterprise Mobility Solution a Must in the Modern Workforce

It’s critical to align your technology solutions with your business strategy to create an infrastructure that provides customers and employees with mobile flexibility while keeping your data secure. OneNeck IT Solutions  provides secure enterprise mobility that provides an end-to-end architecture and deployment of your mobile environment that will ensure reliable connectivity along with the highest security available today.

We partner with mobile security authorities like Cisco, VMware AirWatch, NetApp, Microsoft and Trend Micro to deliver customized SEM solutions. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.