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Anticipate 2019's Cybersecurity Threats Without a Crystal Ball

Posted On: March 05, 2019

Topic: Security

security threats without a crystal ballIn Cisco’s February 2019 Threat Report, their cybersecurity experts analyzed prominent threats of the past year for clues to new attack strategies and targets. As they put it, “It's as close as we can get to anticipating future trends without a crystal ball.”

So, what did they learn in this study?

  • GDPR is relevant for nearly all companies worldwide, and a majority say they are ready for most/all of the requirements.
  • Sales delays due to customer data privacy concerns continues to be an issue. More companies are experiencing these delays, while the length of delay has shortened since last year.
  • Privacy investments are now yielding business benefits GDPR-ready companies have shorter sales delays, fewer data breaches, and when breaches occur, they cause less damage and cost less overall.
  • Nearly all companies are reporting auxiliary benefits from privacy investments beyond compliance. This includes agility and innovation, competitive advantages, and operational efficiency
  • Key Takeaway - Data Privacy contributes to Business Benefits including data security. Organizations should work to maximize these benefits in considering their privacy investments.


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