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OneNeck Data Center Opens in Metro Denver

Posted On: August 11, 2015

Topic: Company News

DenverDCrev.jpgConstruction is complete on OneNeck’s newest facility — a $20 million, 160,000 square foot Tier 3+ data center in the beautiful and vibrant Denver metro area.  We celebrated with a grand opening on July 22 at this world-class facility. 

With 11.5 million pounds of high-density concrete surrounding and supporting leading edge server equipment, which is powered by more than six miles of concrete-encased electrical and telecommunications conduit, our data center in Denver is ready to stand up to anything Mother Nature can throw at it.  This facility includes redundant data, electrical and cooling systems to ensure that your company’s critical applications and databases are secure and accessible 100 percent of the time.  In addition, highly capable backup generators and uninterruptible power supply systems stand at the ready in case of a power outage.  Finally, as a safeguard against malicious acts, the data center is monitored 24/7 by both video surveillance and security staff. It is outfitted with a three-factor authentication system, including biometric scanners at multiple locations between the entrance to the data center and the server equipment.  

Built-in Reliability 

At the center of the many capabilities of this data center is ReliaCloud®, OneNeck’s cloud-based hosting solution. ReliaCloud allows your business to run resource-intensive applications and databases on our highly secure, dependable servers, minimizing costs and freeing up your staff to concentrate on building your business.  


While we’re thrilled about the new data center, it’s just one node in our network of nine data centers located across the U.S. They all work together to keep your data working for you at the highest levels of security and efficiency. ReliaCloud is deployed across these data centers for maximum reliability and security, via public, private and hybrid cloud configurations. 

Your data operations, our facility

OneNeck data centers offer an alternative to investing in your own data center and operations facilities.  By taking advantage of OneNeck’s infrastructure, operations and support, you can lower costs, deploy IT solutions faster and shorten the time it takes to accomplish your IT goals.  

Our unique Tier 3 facilities deliver a level of data security, capacity and reliability required by the most demanding SLAs.  Your data is critical to your business operations, protect it with a best-in-class facility and market-leading operations. Partner with OneNeck.


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