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Managed Services & Support for Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure

Posted On: January 12, 2016

Topic: Managed Services

Managed Services_Blog109908596.jpgIncreased Reliance on IT Requires Advanced Support 
In 2016, Managed Services is an increasingly necessary component of successful business operations for companies of all sizes, from small to Fortune 500. Increasingly, businesses depend on their IT departments to provide and support more robust applications and infrastructure. At the same time, IT staff are finding themselves being spread too thin, unable to put their focus and energy into building the business. And, many IT organizations are struggling to acquire and retain the expertise to manage IT infrastructure and applications. Modern organizations know they need to take advantage of new technology to streamline and simplify their operations, but with this increased IT complexity comes a need for external support. The question becomes “who?” 


In the search for the “who” there is a sea of sameness in the IT services world. You see the term “Managed Services” used frequently, but some providers simply repackage existing services and market them under the Managed Services umbrella  (whether they truly meet the criteria or not). How do you find an innovator with the skills and expertise to help you make the most effective use of your IT dollars? 

Beyond Support 

If your provider’s “Managed Service” ends after they simply fix something that broke, you’re getting taken for a ride.  Complex IT operations require a provider that is invested in your success and has the experience, talent and innovation to not only keep your IT operations running at peak efficiency, but also help you improve and protect your systems.   

OneNeck: Your Enterprise Managed Services Partner 

With OneNeck as your partner, you have a team of experts at your disposal. A team who is focused on managing and optimizing your infrastructure and applications to meet your unique business needs.  At OneNeck, Managed Services isn’t simply a fix it when broke mentality – it’s built into everything we do.  We assess and understand your IT needs, and we deliver solutions tailored to your business to drive maximum results.  From managed applications, databases and dedicated servers, OneNeck offers a comprehensive set of Managed Services. 

  • Managed Applications: OneNeck supports most major ERP applications including Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite. Because ERP-related security threats can be a leading cause for delayed software upgrades, we stay focused on security threats and current on security patches, keeping you operating with the very latest functionality. As software manufacturers are continuously addressing security vulnerabilities, OneNeck ensures those vulnerabilities are addressed and your ERP investment stays safe.  
  • Managed Databases. OneNeck’s provides a higher level of operational efficiency and database security. Our team is proficient in all major database including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. We will proactively monitor and manage your database to ensure peak performance. 
  • Managed Dedicated Servers. OneNeck engineers work on your behalf to handle the day-to-day activities that can distract your IT professionals from strategic initiatives.  We ensure your mission-critical servers have the latest versions of software and security patches are installed. We are dedicated to providing advanced monitoring, patching and issue resolution for your IT infrastructure.
No One Does Hybrid Like OneNeck 

OneNeck takes a flexible approach to Managed Services and we tailor your solution to the unique needs of your business.  The most effective solution might include having the OneNeck team complement your existing IT team. In this manner, the OneNeck team would provide the service and support necessary to allow your IT team the opportunity to concentrate on activities that grow your business.  Conversely, your business might get the greatest benefit from allowing OneNeck to take full responsibility of your IT operations.  Our lead engineers have an infrastructure and application knowledge base unmatched in the industry. They are dedicated and will give you full confidence your IT is operating at peak potential, all the time.  

OneNeck wants you to focus on what you do best.  Regardless of the infrastructure by which your system is powered, OneNeck provides customized, high-quality hosting and application management services to help you improve your business processes, reduce costs and provide better support for management decision-making.  With Managed Services from OneNeck, you can be confident that your IT is as efficient, effective, secure and reliable as possible, so you can concentrate on building your business.