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Cisco Collaboration Is the Next Generation of BYOD Management!

Posted On: June 29, 2015

Topic: Managed Services


Cisco's Collaboration Systen Release 11.0: Helping Teams Achieve Extraordinary Things

In today’s workplace, we all use a myriad of devices to get our work done, wherever and whenever we want. Being able to access our content and getting work done is an imperative. This not only gives users the freedom to manage their time more effectively, but also helps them collaborate more effectively with other team members, which leads to getting more work done as a team.

The market recognizes this shift and continues to centralize on the unification of voice, video, messaging/presence, conferencing, and extending communications to customer and team meeting environments. Empowering users with the flexibility to meet real world needs has become key, making delivering the unified collaboration experience essential.


The Cisco Collaboration Solution

Cisco continues to focus their collaboration around one experience for voice, video, content sharing, and messaging. In an effort to truly offer a comprehensive collaboration solution that addresses all the market needs, Cisco has moved to time-based system releases as a way to align feature delivery across development teams and provide an intertwined approach across Cisco’s entire collaboration portfolio. About every six months, a Collaboration Systems Release (CSR) updates a large portion of the software powering the collaboration experience. These improvements span from the endpoints to mobile clients to voice and video infrastructure. And with the recently announced Release 11.0, they’re continuing to deliver more capabilities and value to the collaboration experience.

New Collaboration System Release 11.0 features to look for:

  • Business Edition 6000: The new configure-to-order process simplifies ordering and deployment of BE6K.
  • Video Conferencing: Multi-streaming for best performance, highly scalable virtual MCUs, Lync RDP support for two-way content sharing with Lync endpoints, and proximity join for CMR Cloud.
  • Jabber: Jabber-to-Jabber calling, one-click Jabber-to-CMR escalations, Opus codec support, and far-end camera control.
  • Web Conferencing: Refreshed WebEx administrator interface, enhanced in-meeting controls and notifications, and more flexibility with integrated enhancements from WebEx Cloud Connected Audio.
  • Endpoints: New entry-level 8800 Series phones with HD video; mobile and remote-access support for 7800, 8800, and DX Series devices; Intelligent Proximity for content sharing and room-endpoint control from mobile devices.
  • Customer Collaboration: Finesse IP Phone Agent and Context Service for cloud-based storage, tagging, and management of customer-interaction data.

If you already use Cisco collaboration but haven’t taken advantage of some of the latest features and functionality delivered in Collaboration System Releases, now is the time.  

Or if you’re not yet implemented a Cisco collaboration solution but are interested in exploring what Cisco collaboration solutions can do in your organization, contact OneNeck today for a consult with one of our experienced collaboration consultants.