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Time to Consider the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Posted On: June 30, 2016

Topic: Managed Services

TimeToConsider_Blog-37531597.jpg Today’s CIOs and IT teams are being asked to do more with less resources. No longer charged with only managing IT, CIOs are responsible for using their tech savvy to reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive innovation to bring their business to new heights of growth and profitability.

Yet for all of these heightened expectations, resources allocated have remained relatively static and IT teams struggle to maintain, let alone optimize systems for growth and performance. For organizations looking to do more with less, managed IT services can help to ease the burden and free up IT staff to focus on more mission-critical projects.

The managed services landscape of today looks quite different than it did in the past, as organizations can choose from an expansive menu of services based on their business needs. Managed services areas address the challenges IT organizations face to provide efficient, cost-effective and secure solutions:

  • Security: BYOD and the IoT are further complicating an already challenging landscape. Managed Services providers with expertise in network and mobile security can help companies build their infrastructure without compromising security.
  • Efficiency: As the number of devices and systems in use proliferate, so does the expertise required for business operations. It is increasingly difficult to compile the depth of expertise needed in one IT team, especially in a smaller company. Managed Services provide the experience needed to keep operations running smoothly without having to pay for a full-time employee.
  • Legal compliance: Many industries face stringent legal requirements such as HIPPA, FINRA or PCI DSS. Managed service providers make it a priority to understand your compliance needs—and document compliance for reporting —by partnering with experts who fully understand both law and technology.
  • Strategy: Managed services also help companies formulate a long-term strategy. These experts who have worked with a broad range of companies are in a strong position to understand your unique infrastructure and needs and future-proof your infrastructure.
  • Scalability: Planning ahead to predict and meet demands of business is difficult, time consuming and costly. Your Manage Service Provider can more easily meet your scalability needs without incurring the high overhead costs normally associated with allocating in-house resources such as additional hardware and staff.

Managed Services to Help You Grow

According to Gartner, many IT organizations report being overwhelmed with business demand, unable to meet rapidly-changing business requirements and struggle to retain the IT talent needed to face modern IT challenges. With the right partner, IT can leverage managed services and outsource complex IT tasks such as security, network administration, database management, and disaster recovery, to get the most out of their technology while delivering maximum value to the business.

The proliferation of technologies like cloud and mobility across different industry verticals has powered the growth of the managed services in the market. Managed services provide a bridge, connecting today's rapidly growing enterprise to new levels of operational functionality, efficiency, security and growth.  Contact OneNeck IT Solutions for more information on how managed services can help you meet your business’ needs.