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Enterprise Storage in a Flash

Posted On: August 07, 2015

Topic: IT Hardware

In today’s data centers, agility is the primary goal, and yet one of the most difficult to achieve. With a never-ending list of initiatives and competing requirements, on top of simply trying to keep up with SLAs, complex workflows and increasing costs, it’s no wonder that IT departments are overwhelmed. 

To meet this goal of increased agility, your storage has to accomplish the following…

  • Consolidated Workloads: By consolidating workloads, everything runs on a single array, giving you performance and scale to meet ever-increasing application demands.
  • Storage Sprawl Elimination:  With more workload types today, each with its own unique I/O requirement, storage sprawl can quickly become a huge issue. With the right flash storage solution that includes advanced copy data management features that brings all-flash performance across entire workflows, this issue is greatly reduced.
  • Automation: The need for speed is driving today’s need for automation. Quickly and easily creating copies and mapping them to the appropriate resource in an instant is a must for automating storage and applications processes.

No question about it, that all-flash arrays offer enterprises more agility and speed over traditional disk storage, and at the front of the pack is EMC’s XtremIO. XtremIO isn’t just about speed, but it makes the concept of the agile data center a reality. It does this with…

  • Real-time analytics and agile test/dev
  • Unparalleled array-based copy management
  • Instant, self-service provisioning
  • Linear scale-out performance and consistent sub-millisecond speeds
  • Ease of use with no configuration or tuning
  • Consolidating workloads to be managed as one
  • Pooled storage with elastic expansion

With XtremIO, storage is no longer the bottleneck, but the enabler for transformational workloads. You can consolidate your mission-critical application landscapes and eliminate storage sprawl, delivering to you the agile data center you’ve always hoped for.  To learn more, download our infographic on how XtremIO’s performance can solve today’s storage challenges and transform the data center into a catalyst for business agility. 

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