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EMC XtremIO 4.0 Software Upgrade!

Posted On: June 26, 2015

Topic: IT Hardware

Have you heard?

EMC recently announced at EMC World in May a free software upgrade to their XtremIO v3 X arrays. They’ve taken one of the leading Flash arrays in the marketplace and made it even better!  There are some really great new enhancements in XtremIO 4.0, including supporting new, larger all-flash array configurations, expanded on-demand capabilities and consolidating workloads more quickly and with better availability. EMC says the update offers better data protection, more speed, less disruption, application automation and the ability to manage many clusters from a single management server.


Let’s take a look at what’s new in XtremIO 4.0:

  • Enhanced Data Protection – XtremIO supports powerful scale-out replication based on EMC’s RecoverPoint software. Data on XtremIO arrays can be replicated to other XtremIO arrays or any array supported by RecoverPoint. XtremIO replication delivers up to one-minute Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), even when replicating at data center scale with flash-array levels of workload and data change rates.
  • Bigger, Faster Clusters – EMC is introducing a new 40TB X-Brick building block, which is double the density of previous XtremIO systems. In addition, XtremIO clusters now scale up to eight X-Bricks with 16 N-way active controllers (up from 12), capable of delivering petabytes of capacity in a single rack through inline data reduction and space-efficient copies.
  • Online Expansion – XtremIO arrays now can be non-disruptively expanded for performance and capacity, with automatic rebalancing and no application downtime.
  • Application Automation – XtremIO’s copy data management functions are integrated into key enterprise application management stacks such as VMware, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange to automate rich use cases, including the scheduling, attachment and expiration of space-efficient copies to application hosts.
  • Multi-Array Management – XtremIO 4.0 allows single pane of glass management for multiple XtremIO clusters from a common XtremIO Management Server (XMS).
  • More Powerful Interface – XtremIO 4.0 introduces extended historical reporting, maintaining two years of operating history, as well as sophisticated tagging and search functionality for handling large numbers of provisioned volumes, hosts and snapshots. It also possesses improved built-in reporting capabilities.
  • More Scalable – XtremIO 4.0 now supports more hosts per array, more X-Bricks per array and more snapshots than before.
  • Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0 – With XtremIO, customers can now consolidate all mission-critical workloads and their non-production lifecycle copies into their Hybrid Cloud with Tier 0 Storage and Copy Services. This enables some of the most compelling hybrid cloud use cases like Database-as-a-Service and SAP-as-a-Service.

What’s involved with upgrading to 4.0?

XtremIO 4.0 delivers these new capabilities to existing XtremIO hardware customers in a completely NON-DISRUPTIVE UPGRADE that requires no hardware upgrade or X-Brick purchase. With XtremIO 4.0, storage is no longer the bottleneck, but the enabler for transformational workloads like real-time analytics, database lifecycle acceleration, SAP landscape consolidation, private/hybrid clouds, enterprise-wide VDI, messaging and collaboration, and future-proofed healthcare EMR.

When is it available?

The XtremIO 4.0 software, along with 40TB X-Brick configurations, will be orderable this calendar quarter. So, contact your OneNeck Account Manager today to talk about how you can take advantage of this bigger and better XtremIO as soon as it’s available.