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Dynamics 365 for Operations –Gone Hybrid, Gone On-Premises

Posted On: September 12, 2017

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Blog_dynamics365.jpgMicrosoft’s Dynamics 365 for Operations consolidates financial and business operations data for predictive insight that can be used for competitive and operational advantage. And now – it works in the cloud or on-premises.

Deployment Options
When it comes to Dynamics 365 for operations, businesses now have a choice on where their environment resides. Below are the available deployment models:

  • Cloud Deployment:
    The Dynamics 365 for operations cloud deployment is a fully Microsoft-managed cloud solution.
  • Cloud and Edge (Hybrid Deployment):
    Part of the hybrid cloud deployment includes the all-new Microsoft Cloud and Edge integration that allows business processes, transactions and data to be stored at the local level, or as Microsoft calls it, stored at the “edge.” The local storage is called “My Workplaces,” and it’s fully integrated with Microsoft Cloud and its associated applications and services. In this way, businesses can reap the benefits of both cloud and on-premises storage; an archetypical best-of-both-worlds scenario.
  • Local Business Data (On-Premises Deployment):
    With the Local Business Data option, Dynamics 365 and the entire business process runs on-premises, enterprise edition in their own data centers or in third party data centers, without replicating data to the cloud. Essentially, all cloud synchronization, from embedded analytics to machine learning, is switched off. This ensures that no data leaves its trustee’s boundaries. Cloud synchronization, however, can be switched on or off at the user’s discretion.

The following table illustrates a side-by-side of use cases for each deployment scenario.

 Dynamics 365 for Operations Deployment Scenarios


Choosing the Right Deployment Option
As with most things, there is no “one size fits all” approach to selecting the right deployment option for your Dynamics 365 for Operations environment. Deciding how to allocate your workloads can be complex and what you choose could affect the benefits you get from your deployment.

Partnering with an experienced provider can help. As Microsoft cloud solutions provider partner, we have expertise in architecting, deploying, and managing Dynamics 365 for operations environments OneNeck is the guru you need to guide you through your journey.


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