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Denver Data Center Update: The Commissioning Process

Posted On: June 30, 2015

Topic: Company News

DenverDataCenter_Blog.jpgWe’re pleased to bring you one of the final updates on the construction of our Denver Data Center which to set to open for occupancy on July 1st, 2015. 

In the previous update, we highlighted the security measures in place to protect your data. In this update, we discuss the commissioning process that the data center will undergo.  

Intense testing to demonstrate real reliability

To provide our customers with full confidence in the Denver Data Center’s ultimate reliability, OneNeck contracts with a 3rd party engineering firm to fully commission the facility.  This firm is completely independent, and had no involvement in either the design or the construction of the data center.  The firm receives the same fee whether or not the data center passes commissioning, ensuring that this team has no bias towards any of the contractors and is working for OneNeck to ensure we have a fully functional data center.

Over the last couple of weeks, with construction complete and all systems installed and fully operational, the engineering team is putting the center through a battery of tests intended to not only replicate a full load, but also simulate disasters.

The data center’s design is stressed using load bank testing, simulating the full load of critical customer data on the facility. These load banks can precisely simulate server electrical loads and generate appropriate amounts of heat, triggering the data center’s sophisticated energy efficient climate controls systems to cool the facility.  Once an accurate approximation of a typical load is applied to the data center, the team moves on to the second phase of commissioning: failure testing. The engineers will actually fail half of the facility, to test the data center’s redundant design.  Then, by conducting every possible failure scenario on the loaded data center’s systems, the team will ensure that your data will be fully protected, regardless of what equipment malfunction or catastrophic failure occurs.  

Full confidence in data center reliability

Once the Denver Data Center is fully commissioned on July 1st, our first customers will have full confidence that their data is safe.  Rather than testing each of the data center’s many systems individually, this process tests the data center as a full system, at full capacity, to ensure that real world stresses are put on the system.  Although this is an expensive method of testing, OneNeck is committed to instilling full confidence in our customers, and demonstrating that our new facility is tried and true.  

Check back soon for another update and more pictures from Denver!