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Three Types of Cloud Computing Strategies

Posted On: April 18, 2016

Topic: Multi-Cloud

choice.jpgThe number three signifies that the sum is worth more than the individual parts. Sort of like having three choices when it comes to the cloud and recognizing that combining the three can ensure you have the best, most reliable solution.

The three types of cloud computing strategies include public, private and hybrid:

1.  Private cloud is a dedicated computing resource. It is not shared with other organizations but may be more expensive. Private clouds, however, offer businesses more control when it comes to security and costs, yet provide the same flexibility and extensibility other cloud strategies offer. Within the private cloud computing model, there are two types:

2.  Public cloud is hosted offsite by a cloud service provider who has total control over the computing infrastructure. Your company rents a portion of your provider’s computing infrastructure, and then you share that space with other businesses.

3.  Hybrid cloud offers the best of both public and private strategies. This solution allows you to host critical applications in a secure private cloud while moving applications that are less of a business or security risk to a public cloud. For example, many organizations use their own internally-hosted cloud services for proprietary applications and leverage the public cloud for their hosted services, such as Salesforce. Hybrid cloud services often provide the greatest flexibility for the best price.

As you weigh the above cloud strategies and research the best option for your business, there are additional factors you might consider. As a hosted and managed services provider, OneNeck IT Solutions understands that each customer has a diverse set of needs. That’s precisely why we offer three cloud services that span public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

  • Managed Microsoft Azure – OneNeck has partnered with Microsoft to offer reliable managed services on Azure. Microsoft Azure is an open, enterprise cloud platform that provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The number one benefit: OneNeck customers can get their cloud computing strategy off the ground quickly. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can help you design, deploy and manage your Azure-powered cloud strategy as well as incorporate Azure into a hybrid cloud environment.
  • ReliaCloud® – If you need security, accessibility and customization, OneNeck has its own hosted private cloud infrastructure, ReliaCloud. By hosting our own private cloud service, we can deliver the ultimate in cloud management and security to meet your mission-critical computing needs. ReliaCloud is reliable and scalable, with high speed, low latency and advanced disaster recovery, all backed by OneNeck Service Level Agreements (SLAs). If your business has critical, private cloud computing needs, ReliaCloud is the answer.
  • On Premises Cloud – If your business is looking for the flexibility of cloud computing and the security and control of a private cloud, you may want to host cloud services within your own data center. OneNeck can help. Whether you are looking to expand your existing infrastructure or design an on premises cloud solution from the ground up, OneNeck’s team of enterprise architects have extensive expertise in recommending, designing, building and migrating on premises cloud solutions that meet your needs.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Mix and match cloud resources to employ a hybrid cloud strategy customized for your computing demands and your budget. OneNeck understands just how critical it is that your cloud strategy fit into an overall computing strategy that includes mapping IT efficiencies to business cases to make the most of available resources. Because of this, sometimes a hybrid cloud approach just makes sense.

Not sure which is the right fit? Tap into our cloud assessment services and let our experts help define the right path for you – the right application, the right cloud and the right time. We know three clouds are better than one. That’s why we offer CHOICE – hybrid cloud services with Managed Azure, ReliaCloud and on premises cloud computing services. It’s the power of three!