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IaaS Cloud Computing from OneNeck

Posted On: January 24, 2017

Topic: Multi-Cloud

Clouds-1.jpgIT continues to play an increasingly important role in your organization’s success. IT is being called on to provide higher security, greater scalability, and more cost control. At the same time, IT needs to help your business achieve revenue growth, improve profitability, capitalize on new opportunities, and expand your geographic reach. All of these requirements put additional pressure on IT to securely deliver performance, reliability and availability.

The challenges facing IT today are immense.

  • Security of data and applications. Constant struggle to stay ahead of security issues, quickly address security incidences, and manage expenses while implementing the latest technology.
  • Shadow IT. Security and compliance are compromised when lines of business bypass IT to use the cloud directly.
  • Scalability. Lack of resources to increase IT capacity and capabilities and an inability to decrease capacity when assets are underutilized.
  • Cost. Mandates to reduce operating expenditures while improving responsiveness, capacity, capabilities, and staff as infrastructure grows.
  • Control. Challenge to assure application performance and consistent application-level security with a uniform user experience across services and locations.
  • New capabilities and innovative technology. Capital investment is required to bring new technology in-house and locks organizations into using equipment soon to become outdated.
  • Performance, reliability and availability. More IT resources are required to manage a growing infrastructure, shifting focus from value-added activities such as application development and operational improvement.

The value of IT is measured by the value it delivers to business. When IT can meet business needs in real time and be ready before the business even knows what it needs, its value increases. To deliver value, IT must scale when needed and securely provide the applications the business demands, all within the limits of your existing budgets, personnel and processes.

So, here’s the challenge...

Meeting Today’s Needs, Preparing for Tomorrow’s Opportunities, but with Yesterday’s Infrastructure

As today’s IT leaders grapple with this challenge, a clear solution has arisen in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Whether it’s a hybrid approach to IaaS that ties your in-house resources to a cloud-based approach, or a straight IaaS approach, IaaS can help solve some of these complex challenges by bringing:

  • Dynamic Scalability. Resources are available when you need them with no need to maintain excess capacity on your premises.
  • Improved security, availability and compliance. Take advantage of an IaaS cloud provider expertise, infrastructure and processes.
  • Enterprise-class performance. Guaranteed service delivery with written service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Focus on strategic IT. Offload routine infrastructure management to simplify operations and gain the freedom to focus on IT initiatives that bring real value to your organization.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Shift from a capital expenditure model to an operating expenditure model and pay only for what you use, when you use it.
  • Increased agility to take advantage of new opportunities quickly. Achieve continuous innovation through your cloud provider without new capital investment so you can react quickly to change and new opportunities.

But remember, not all IaaS offerings are created equal.
Commodity-based services are typically hindered by cloud computing architectures that limit flexibility and workload mobility. They provide best-effort performance and may offer insufficient SLAs. Often security, compliance, and data privacy are inadequate as well.

At OneNeck, we believe that an IaaS cloud solution must:

  • Offer enterprise-class performance and reliability
  • Provide end-to-end, immersive security
  • Have independently-validated scalability
  • Offer reliable, financially-backed SLAs
  • Always include 24/7/365 support
  • And never lose sight of ongoing innovation

At OneNeck, we get the challenges you’re facing, and to that we say, Bring IT On!
OneNeck’s IaaS solutions accelerate your business by enabling your own enterprise-class hybrid cloud computing. Our hybrid cloud solutions include Managed Microsoft Azure, Hosted Private Cloud Powered by ReliaCloud® and on-premises private cloud.



Don’t settle for less than an experienced and proven IaaS partner with a validated infrastructure you can count on to keep your business running and your data safe. Our cloud solutions have passed a rigorous third-party audit to verify we CAN and WILL deliver as promised.