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Harnessing the Hybrid Cloud

Posted On: July 07, 2017

Topic: Multi-Cloud

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Many organizations are still foggy about cloud infrastructure. While most of the benefits of using hosted cloud services are obvious, it’s still unclear, which is the right approach? Is it better to use a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud? How do you choose the right cloud strategy for your business computing needs?

As with most things, there is no “one size fits all” approach to the cloud. Every organization and application has unique computing and data storage requirements, and usually a hybrid cloud computing model makes it easier to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of public cloud services and the isolation and security of the private cloud. However, once you start to design a hybrid cloud architecture, you still need to understand the strengths and limitations if you are to assemble the right mix of clouds for your applications.

A hybrid cloud strategy brings a number of advantages to any data center:

  • The cloud has a lower capital expenditure since there is less need for additional hardware.
  • Data storage is highly scalable and cost effective.
  • A hybrid cloud provides seamless integration with public cloud data storage that can be used for data storage for disaster recovery and archiving.
  • A hybrid cloud strategy provides greater security since you can choose where to store sensitive data, in a secure cloud vault or on premise.
  • The cloud also provides a means to quickly deploy and integrate new storage and software services without hardware installation and configuration.
  • The cloud also increases resiliency with high availability to access archived data and for disaster recovery.

A hybrid cloud strategy requires fewer staff to manage and is easier to support. Even with all these advantages, you still need to have a well-conceived strategy to implement hybrid cloud services to suit your unique requirements.

At OneNeck, we believe your cloud strategy starts with you. Let’s assess where you are today and determine the best place to start. Right App. Right Cloud. Right Time. Bring IT On!

Still not sure where to start? We can help! We offer our interactive infographic to help you get started on your own hybrid cloud strategy. Within, you will find information on understanding the various cloud models, benefits of deploying a hybrid cloud within your business and real-world use cases for when the rubber meets the road. Here are some additional resources you might enjoy: