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Cloud Hosting Options: What’s Best for Your Data?

Posted On: July 14, 2015

Topic: Cloud & Hosting Solutions

CloudOptions_Blog_iStock-802301404.jpgAs every successful business knows, data fuels growth. Ensuring the security and accessibility of your data is critical. However, these items are not mutually exclusive, and are both critical factors in fostering the growth that is necessary to compete in the global marketplace.  

In addition, as stories of data theft and hacking continue filling the headlines daily, IT managers are finding that putting corporate data on lock-down in an on-site data center is not a sustainable solution. For this reason, most forward-thinking organizations are making steps to migrate their data to the cloud. And, OneNeck® IT Solutions is here to help. 

In the Cloud 

The cloud can be a confusing place.  In order to understand where your data lives and how you can access it, you must first understand what the cloud is. 

When it comes to the cloud, there are options. For example:

  • On the far left of the spectrum, you have on-premises private hosting.  Your data is housed on servers in your facility and accessible externally.  This can be highly secure, but requires investment in infrastructure and IT staffing.
  • Move one slot to the right to off-premises private hosting. Here, your data is housed at an external data center, on dedicated hardware, unshared with any other organization.  This is also highly secure, but eliminates the need for infrastructure and staffing.
  • On the far right, is public hosting. In this space, your data is contained in an off-site data center on hardware shared with other companies.  While cost-effective, accessible and convenient, this arrangement lacks the high security of private data management.
  • In the very center of the spectrum is hybrid hosting.  Hybrid leverages the security of private hosting with the accessibility, convenience and low cost of public hosting. The hybrid cloud solution allows you to leverage private hardware for data and applications with specific concern or criticality and allows non-essential data to operate on public hardware.  

Welcome to ReliaCloud® from OneNeck IT Solutions

OneNeck’s spectrum of cloud offerings, powered by ReliaCloud®, are designed to be fully customizable to meet your business needs.  OneNeck delivers world-class expertise that’s available now to help you develop the perfect solution, which will enable you to move to the cloud with confidence. 

  • If ultimate data security and control is your strategy, OneNeck® offers colocation services, providing the infrastructure, operations and support necessary to ensure your IT system is operating at peak efficiency, on your terms.  
  • OneNeck’s private cloud solution delivers enterprise-class IT infrastructure designed for resource-intensive applications and databases that require a secure and compliant operational framework, for the ultimate in security, accessibility, compliance and customization for your database and applications management. 
  • For maximum performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness, OneNeck’s public cloud solution creates an efficient, dynamic IT environment for your company by accessing our infrastructure for capacity on demand. 
  • Using our hybrid cloud platform, your organization can allocate certain workloads with specific security or other concerns to a private or dedicated cloud while letting all non-critical public operations go to the public cloud segment.

Understanding the options and opportunities presented by ReliaCloud are one thing, but in order to properly leverage the cloud, it has to fit into your overall IT strategy. OneNeck can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current IT environment and requirements, and tailor our services to your business so that you may leverage the cloud in the most effective way possible.

Contact us today to get started!