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Cloud Computing Got You Spooked?

Posted On: October 31, 2016

Topic: Multi-Cloud

CloudGotYouSpooked iStock-630019720-1.jpg What do dark closets, cobwebbed basements and the cloud have in common? They’re all a little scary until you shine a bright light and really take a look at what’s there. While IT professionals are smart to be cautious with the cloud, those that take the time to ask questions and learn about today’s modern cloud solutions soon find that the cloud actually offers key business benefits that would be far scarier to pass up.

Many enterprises are uneasy moving to the cloud due to fears that stem from:

  • Security: For many, the cloud represents a lack of control, but in this case being scared could actually lead to a sound strategy. Cloud providers know their business depends on being reliable, secure safety stewards of data, and therefore, make huge investments in multi-layered security throughout their infrastructure. They use the most up-to-date security tools, like state-of-the-art firewalls, to ensure all customer data remains safe and confidential. Compare that with on-premises security, which is often given less attention due to tight budgets and over-extended staff, and you quickly find that in many cases, data is actually more secure in the cloud than in your own data center.
  • Business strategy: While some fear they may get locked into one cloud vendor or another, most providers offer standard out-clauses and data destruction policies that ensure workloads can be moved to and from the cloud with little business disruption. On the flip side, the on-demand nature of the cloud provides the flexibility and agility needed to support rapid growth, speed up innovation and improve data center efficiencies.
  • Collaboration: Cloud services encourage collaboration by making business solutions available to all, no matter where or when they need it. The cloud cost-effectively and efficiently links key business groups, so that even far-flung business units can communicate and work together more easily.
  • Visibility: Many view the cloud as a black hole that’s difficult to manage, but because the cloud offers low-cost, scalable environments capable of processing massive volumes, variety and velocities of data, it can actually provide better insights and enable better, more-holistic business decisions.
  • Costs: Talking money is always frightening, but instead of increasing costs, the cloud, when done right can reduce operating and capital expenditures while ensuring enterprises have access to the most up-to-date, feature-rich environments — all without having to invest in infrastructure, staffing or other resources to support it. It’s also far easier to dial up or down cloud services as business needs and budgets change.
  • Reliability: The cloud sometimes seems like an effective magic trick – you see the results, but can’t see how it got there. It’s hard to hand over control of mission-critical applications and processes to third parties, but cloud providers are built from the ground up to ensure redundancy and fast failover, and most have far greater disaster recovery and business continuity resources than a single enterprise. The key is formulating the right SLAs to ensure top-notch service levels and strict penalties for non-compliance.

When it comes to the cloud, don’t get spooked and let fear drive your decision process. Instead, consider the ways the cloud can help your business better innovate, collaborate and compete. OneNeck can help – Contact us today about our FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment.