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Blue Skies for Businesses Moving to the Cloud

Posted On: April 25, 2016

Topic: Multi-Cloud


According to Gartner, sales of public cloud computing services are expected to reach $204 billion this year alone. This is because more organizations are adopting cloud services that are extensible, reliable and flexible. Cloud computing can make your enterprise network larger and more versatile, and it’s available when and where you need it. However, cloud provisioning and the optimal use of cloud resources adds another layer of services management and complexity. This is why OneNeck IT Solutions is delighted to announce the addition of support for Microsoft Azure managed cloud solutions.

With Microsoft Azure, businesses can take advantage of an open and flexible cloud service platform with integrated services such as analytics, compute, databases, networking, storage and web services. Microsoft Azure is designed to deliver rapid access to customized cloud services as businesses need them, without adding complexity and cost.

By teaming up with OneNeck for your Managed Microsoft Azure solution, you have even more choices when deciding which cloud makes sense for your workloads. Plus, you get the added value of OneNeck managing all your services. By combining Azure with OneNeck’s robust monitoring tools and managed services expertise, you can quickly add new services and cloud resources to address changing business needs. Our support team handles the design, implementation and management so you can focus on building your business, rather than supporting the infrastructure.

Then, as your business and computing needs expand, OneNeck can leverage Managed Azure while architecting, deploying and managing your cloud solutions better and faster. We can also deliver various scenarios of hybrid cloud to meet your needs. We can incorporate Managed Azure services into your on premises cloud services or place it in ReliaCloud®, OneNeck’s own hosted private cloud.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone that would argue the benefits of cloud computing, but have you considered the added benefits from adopting a Managed Azure solution from OneNeck? These include:

  • Workload optimization – It’s easy to optimize workloads across hybrid cloud systems that include on premises private cloud, Managed Azure and ReliaCloud.
  • Scalability with availability – You can deploy thousands of virtual machines or thousands of SQL databases and still maintain an assured 99.5 percent uptime.
  • Easy adoption – As part of OneNeck’s services, we can help you determine which workloads would best take advantage of the Azure suite of services and make it easy to migrate and support those services.
  • Secure and compliant – Encrypted communications maintain data security. With Azure, security meets or exceeds most common data sovereignty standards, including HIPAA, PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley. (For more information on Azure’s robust security, check out Microsoft’s Trust Center.)

Is your company still trying to determine how to make the best use of cloud computing resources, including workload distribution? OneNeck can help you sort through the options to identify the right applications, the right cloud and the right time for the move.

Our experts will then guide you through the process of developing and managing your cloud strategies while you enjoy the benefits of scalability that comes with your Microsoft Azure cloud.

Now, with the addition of Azure, the sky’s the limit with OneNeck and your move to the cloud!