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A Mobile IT Strategy – No Longer Optional

Posted On: July 06, 2016

Topic: Multi-Cloud

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets for private use, and the expectation that these devices should be usedmobile-strategy in the workplace and connect to enterprise systems has brought enterprise mobility to the forefront of business and IT priorities.

This new era of mobility is making a huge positive impact and increasing the speed of business by mobilizing the workforce and increasing productivity and sales, which directly then impacts customer satisfaction.

On the flip side though, many IT departments are overwhelmed with the onslaught of these new devices and platforms and the emergence of new mobile technology-led trends. As Gartner points out, “Technology is evolving faster than industry standards, as are user expectations — and trends such as the consumerization of IT are increasing the risks associated with mobility in terms of data security.”

This is where partnering with an experienced mobility partner can help. With well-thought-out planning and an investment in training and policies, mobility can be utilized to improve collaboration, while keeping cost and risk under control.

Check out this video where OneNeck mobility and security expert, Mike Keemle, discusses some of the key considerations when developing a mobile strategy and how OneNeck is helping one of our healthcare customers make their mobility strategy a reality.