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Breaches in IT Security Cause Havoc for U.S. Companies

Posted On: December 26, 2015

Topic: IT Hardware

  • The Threat is Real: Incidents of corporate hacking are common.
  • Not Just Your Bottom Line: Your customer’s data is affected.
  • Security is in our DNA: We architect your solution to be secure.
  • Partner With Us: Prevent malicious acts with expert design.

Recent reports of large-scale data breaches and corporate hacking show that data security is absolutely critical in business today.  Partner with OneNeck and ensure your data is safe and secure. 

Breaches in IT Security Cause Havoc for US Companies 

Perhaps the most infamous corporate data theft in U.S. history occurred in December 2013, when the personal information of nearly 70 million people was stolen during the height of the holiday shopping season.  The stolen information included customer’s credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV numbers, as well as names, mailing and email addresses and phone numbers.  The criminals who perpetrated this act gained significant access to Target’s systems.  Not only were they able to upload malicious software to the store’s POS systems – the very systems that customers interact with – to skim the sensitive information, but they were able to remotely access a control server to then collect the data dumps.   

Soon after the breach, Target announced a disappointing second quarter earnings to its shareholders. In addition, they cut earnings expectations, estimating a 20 percent decline over the previous year.  In total, Target’s data breach cost shareholders $148 million dollars. On top of that, Target has faced a multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuit related to the stolen customer data.  Clearly, the Target breach wreaked havoc for one of the top US retailers.  

The Threat is Just a Click Away 

Shockingly, malicious applications are easily available to anyone who seeks them.  For a relatively small fee, a criminal can purchase powerful software that can enable them to steal information -- with values in the millions.   

Data breaches are especially dangerous because they can remain undetected for a significant amount of time. In addition, most companies don’t realize the breach has occurred until the damage is already done.  While the technology to prevent unauthorized access continues to improve, the criminals continue to improve their methods as well.   

The lesson here: data security should be a top concern in any organization.  A data breach affects not only your company’s bottom line, but your customers’ security as well.  You simply can’t afford to take chances when it comes to your company’s data security.   

At OneNeck, Security is Paramount 

OneNeck takes data security seriously. We can help you protect your resources within your data center and cloud infrastructure from security threats. Let our security experts assess your current business and technical needs and then provide you with a comprehensive solution to your data center security.   

By partnering with OneNeck on your architecture design and infrastructure deployment, you'll get a full end-to-end solution that includes a comprehensive security solution. Our security solutions will help you reduce cost and complexity with the broadest set of security capabilities, integrating your security policies and compliance requirements. We can help you increase overall protection and reduce administration by building adaptive security into your private cloud architectures. This strategy provides proactive protection from constant malware attacks on your systems and data. It will also shield your business from attacks with intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. With OneNeck, you'll learn firsthand how to reduce exposure to attacks with a pervasive security approach and gain assurance of compliance with regular reporting and monitoring.

At OneNeck, our business is focused on keeping your business operating efficiently, effectively and safely. We don’t just provide you with best-in-class technology, we build relationships with the companies we serve and make a commitment to their success. Partner with OneNeck today, and let us help your company navigate the increasing demands of data security.