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Avoid Cloud Sticker Shock

Posted On: July 26, 2018

Topic: Cloud

man with sticker shock from cloud priceAs a business, moving your IT to the cloud is a major decision involving hours and hours of time, review, scrutiny and conversation. The last thing you want is sticker shock following your move to the cloud. Surprise fees are certainly a close second. To help you evade both, author Kevin Casey recently highlighted five tips for avoiding sticker shock and surprise bills in a just published The Enterprisers Project article.

scott morleyAccording to Scott Morley, principal application architect at OneNeck, “The cloud is deceptively easy to scale and there needs to be governance set up around it before deployments start. Locking down the environment, so only specific users can add resources, is critical.”

Scott goes on to talk about the number one way to prevent sticker shock and advises on the best means to avoid it, while others discuss the need to automate and implement cloud governance. Click to read the article.

To best optimize cloud spend, especially in a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment, Scott suggests it starts with understanding the demand an application will place on a server. He says, “There are many options cloud providers are giving to help reduce costs, such as reserved instances and burstable CPUs.”

Are you tracking how your server is being used? If not, it will be nearly impossible to judge cost savings because a misconfigured burstable server can actually end up costing more than a standard server. There are a number of tools that now offer this analysis.

“It’s really is just a numbers game,” concludes Scott. And OneNeck is ready to help you assess your needs and prepare for a move to the cloud, without sticker shock or surprise fees.