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Author: Scott Morley, Principal Application Architect

Scott Morley, Principal Application Architect

Scott Morley, Principal Application Architect

Scott Morley is a Principal Application Architect at OneNeck and responsible for providing guidance and advisory services. He centers his time on Microsoft Dynamics and Azure solutions in the areas of architecture, performance engineering, application integration and leveraging the hybrid cloud.

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Recent Posts by Scott Morley, Principal Application Architect

November 12, 2019 | Cloud

Azure Reserved Instances

If it’s been a while since you have looked at Azure Reserved instances, now is a great time to revisit them. Not sure what Reserved Instances are for? Read on, you may just save some money.

August 06, 2019 | Cloud

How Setting Up and Running a Cloud-Based IT Environment is Different for the Small to Mid-Size Business

When it comes to setting up and running a cloud-based IT environment, businesses of all sizes (including small and mid-sized companies) can benefit from leveraging a hyperscale cloud. 

July 10, 2018 | Advanced Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrades

Anyone considering an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has probably thought about the technical challenges involved. How do I convert my custom data and import it into Dyn365FO? What...

June 01, 2017 | ERP Application Management

Dynamics 365 - Developing with Extensions

If you’ve looked into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations at all you know that, though much of it is the same as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, much of it is significantly different. From a developer perspective, the most significant change is how...

April 04, 2017 | ERP Application Management

Dynamics 365 Tech Conference 2017 Recap

This year’s Dynamics 365 Tech Conference was held in Seattle on March 12th- 15th, and as always, offered up a great learning experience for its attendees.

December 06, 2016 | ERP Application Management

The Monolithic Database in a Hybrid World

For a number of years now, software vendors have been working at modularizing their monolithic applications with the intent of providing consumers the opportunity to mix and match best-of-breed functionality without being tied to one specific...

August 02, 2016 | ERP Application Management

SQL 2012 & High Availability Disaster Recovery in Azure

One of the biggest lures to Azure right now is for backup and disaster recovery (BDR). There are a number of ways that this can be implemented, including Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup; however, when we look at options for SQL Server, we...

June 21, 2016 | ERP Application Management

Embarking on an AX Data Management Strategy

When asked how AX works, most people will answer with the workload they use it for. It “works” by placing orders, or managing inventory, or running financials. Rarely do users think about the AX Engine – the code and the data that actually runs...

April 05, 2016 | Cloud & Hosting Solutions

Azure Site Recovery is more than just DR in the cloud

For a number of businesses, the conversation around business continuity and disaster recovery remains a difficult one. Many companies have already invested the capitol in an all virtualized server farm, set up in an N+1 configuration, with...

February 02, 2016 | ERP Application Management

Lifecycle Services is the portal to AX 7

By now it’s no secret that AX 7 is initially being launched Azure only, with on premise coming later in the year. I’ve heard a lot of speculation as to why this is, but it is really nothing more than being able to control the install environment....