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Flex Your AX Muscles

Posted On: January 22, 2016

Topic: ERP Application Management

Welcome to the New Year, when the store shelves change from stocking flashing lights and inflatable Minions to Ab Masters and 30 minute craze videos. It’s no surprise that the start of a new year is traditionally a time to look at our health and think that we need to work on it, mostly because we can’t fit in the pants we just got last spring. Unfortunately for a fair number of people the resolution fades after a month or two because the motivation behind it was the wrong one.

There is a very tangible benefit that comes out of taking care of our health. I’m not talking about the social aspect or even the possibility of living longer. Ultimately it comes down to the ability to achieve the things we want to. If all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV, there is a much lower level of fitness that is required than if you want to finish an Iron Man. Dedication, commitment and willingness to expand on techniques are all factors on how successful we can be and all of these are fueled by motivation.

There are so many studies out there about the most successful way to get in shape it is actually kind of silly as too many focus on the get-fit-quick scheme. However if we take the time to filter through all the fads, it has been proven again and again that a long term strategy with a variety of methodologies will provide the greatest chance of success. So running on a treadmill at the same pace everyday may be a great way to get some quick results, but over time there is a diminishing return. We have to be willing to shake things up and move out of our comfort zone if we want to get to that next level.

This strategy to achieve what we want doesn’t only apply to our personal lives, it also applies to our business lives and to the systems we use on a daily basis. If we don’t keep our cars in good shape we may not be able to get to the opening of Star Wars. Not paying attention to the health of our business teams leads to attrition or stagnation. Neglecting to maintain our ERP systems may lead to not being able to ship to our best customers on time.

So it’s no coincidence that we have terms like health checks and performance tuning when we talk about ERP because like our bodies, an ERP system is a complex ecosphere that requires regular maintenance. What that maintenance looks like all depends on the motivation behind it. Do we want to sell to the same customers year after year, running our forecast based on historical data, or are we driven to satisfy the majority of the market by implementing the latest social marketing coupled with lean methodologies, constantly looking for new ways to shake up our processes so we can get to the next level?

With the introduction of AX 7, Microsoft is set to shake things up quite a bit. On the surface it is significantly different, but when you drill down past the UI and subtle architecture shift, it is actually quite similar to 2012. So like changing from Yoga to Pilates, it may seem awkward at first while you learn the new steps and in the beginning there will be places that hurt that you didn’t know existed, however in no time at all the new will be commonplace and the places that hurt will be stronger than ever.

So welcome to the New Year where company focus changes from the holiday party and Secret Santa to NPI and customer acquisition. What will your resolution be?