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How to Find a Best-in-Class AX Management Hosting Provider


Why is it that some companies seem to be able to partner with independent IT services providers with very little drama, while others struggle at every turn? What are the keys leading successful outcomes in strategically sourcing an enterprise application? What are some of the lessons learned from those situations that were less successful?

Answer these questions and more by reading our white paper

  • The four "Cs" of a best-in-class outsourcer
  • Items to consider when designing the governance framework
  • Why consistent measurement is key
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Mountain Park was not able to fully embrace technology until partnering with OneNeck IT Solutions. Although we had computers and an IT Manager, it was not enough to keep our systems operating consistently. OneNecks' expertise has allowed Mountain Park to have confidence in our IT operations.

Dr. John Swagert

Chief Executive Officer / Mountain Park Health Center