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OneNeck's Free Azure Cloud Optimization Assessment

Optimize Your Azure Cloud Spend & Resources

In Just 2-3 Hours, Start Saving Money on Your Azure Cloud Investment

The OneNeck Azure Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment provides expert insight to help organizations reduce both current and ongoing Azure cloud costs by identifying and eliminating wasted spend.

End uncontrolled hyperscale cloud costs. Our Azure Cloud Optimization Assessment will:

  • Uncover inefficient use of cloud resources.
  • Save you money on your cloud infrastructure costs.
  • Help you account for the majority of wasted cloud spend and budget overruns.

Scott Morley“Optimizing a cloud environment is all about saving money. It allows us to identify things that are no longer used, or need an upgrade. For a customer with an annual revenue over $360M we predicted savings of $7,000 a month when we did their cost optimization.”
-Scott Morely, Principal Application Architect

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