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Application Performance Monitoring

Find and resolve the bottlenecks that impact your customers.

Whether you are deploying an application performance monitoring (APM) solution in-house or looking to outsource to a managed services provider, OneNeck can help. We help our customers determine the best approach for their unique application environment, then deploy and monitor their applications, ensuring they get the most from their APM investment.

Benefits of APM

You can't manage what you're not monitoring. If you're trying to manage your enterprise applications but only monitoring at a component level, your environment is probably not operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness. That's where APM comes in.


APM QuickStart

In just 30 days, you can start reaping the benefits of APM in your organization. OneNeck offers a 30-day QuickStart program using Cisco's AppDynamics as a platform to help you visualize complex application dependencies and pinpoint the root cause of performance bottlenecks across applications, infrastructure and the network to better drive customer experiences - and enhance business value.

Automated Business and Application Performance Monitoring with Cisco AppDynamics

AppDynamics, now part of Cisco, monitors, correlates, analyzes and acts on application and business performance data in real time. This automated, cross-stack intelligence enables developers, IT ops and business owners to make the mission critical and strategic improvements that win customers at every moment.

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