The Public Cloud is Great. So, Do You Really Need a Managed Services Partner?
Amy Gregory  |  June 22, 2017
The public cloud is cost-effective, easily accessible and relatively easy to deploy. So, do you really need a managed IT services provider?
6 Steps to Smarter Collaboration
Amy Gregory  |  June 20, 2017
Are you ready for a collaboration solution that enables your success now, but also built for the future? Here are six steps that can help you embark on that journey. Migration doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right migration plan—and the right technology partner—you can take team communication to the next level.
Future-proofing Microsoft Dynamics AX (when you’re not quite ready for Dynamics 365)
Jeff Budge-VP, Advisory Consulting and Product Management  |  June 15, 2017
It’s been an exciting year for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with big announcements from Microsoft that have left some customers perplexed. Regardless of how confusing the roadmap to Dynamics 365 is, wise AX customers are taking charge of their own roadmaps, rather than waiting for the path ahead to clear on its own.
10 Data Security Tips to Safeguard Your Business
Reanna Gutierrez  |  June 13, 2017
Cloud, mobile, social and big data have increased the speed of business. When we add these technologies on top of already complicated architectures, vulnerabilities are introduced leaving your organization at risk.
Cloud Orchestration vs. Cloud Automation: What's the Difference?
Amy Gregory  |  June 08, 2017
With orchestration and automation often used interchangeably when it comes to the cloud, confusion abounds around the difference. So, we decided to clear things up a bit.
Keeping Your Healthcare Data Secure – What You Need to Consider
Reanna Gutierrez  |  June 06, 2017
Electronic patient records, new healthcare applications, connected medical devices and regulatory/compliance changes are making it easier for doctors to share patient records, affect patient outcomes and increase the quality of care; but are also contributing to an explosion in healthcare data.
Dynamics 365 - Developing with Extensions
Scott Morley  |  June 01, 2017
If you’ve looked into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations at all you know that, though much of it is the same as Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, much of it is significantly different. From a developer perspective, the most significant change is how modifications are made to base code.
Key Considerations when Migrating to the Cloud
Reanna Gutierrez  |  May 30, 2017
Transitioning to the cloud isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. But while organizations will have to relinquish some internal control, thorough research and careful planning will help to avoid those migration speed bumps.
Breaking Down Micro-segmentation
Amy Gregory  |  May 25, 2017
Micro-segmentation is a growing trend in security that enables fine-grained security policies to be applied to data center applications and individual workloads through virtualization. This software-only approach allows you to protect your data and applications in the event that the hardware-based firewall is breached.
Using the Cloud Without Compromising Security
Amy Gregory  |  May 23, 2017
When it comes to cloud security, choosing the right cloud service provider can be a real challenge. While the reasons to add the cloud to your infrastructure varies by organization, one thing is certain — security needs to be a priority.