Microsoft Dynamics AX & Azure- Simplifying Dev/Test environments
Scott Morley, Principal Application Architect  |  July 21, 2016
Anyone who has ever worked on a significant software development project knows that keeping DEV and TEST environments available and relatively in sync is almost a full time job. Microsoft Dynamics AX is no different. Best case, installing, configuring, patching and replicating databases will take at least a day unless there is a significant automation process in place. Then, generally, the machines are left in place, consuming storage and possibly compute even when they are not needed. Fortunately, Microsoft has made some significant investments in Dynamics AX technology with Azure to simplify this issue quite a bit. Lifecycle Services (LCS) is a project management site specifically designed to simplify Dynamics AX implementations, including the deployment of DEMO, DEV/TEST and production environments.
The Pros & Cons of Bimodal IT – Can Day-to-Day IT & Innovation Co-Exist?
Amy Gregory  |  July 19, 2016
In 2014, Gartner introduced the concept of Bimodal IT to separate traditional IT development from new digital initiatives. This initiative has been met with praise, but also with criticism by those who don't believe there should be a separation. By Gartner's definition, Mode 1 is essentially “slow mode,” while Mode 2 is “fast mode.” Gartner believes this allows the IT organization to exploit the benefits of both worlds; however, others are not so convinced and believe it this thinking is a) not something new and b) not sustainable in the long term.
Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity: What’s the Difference?
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  July 19, 2016
Losing precious data during a disaster — be it natural, human error or breach — can cost your company dearly. FEMA estimates that more than 40 percent of businesses never recover. It’s critical that organizations have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place. Interestingly, Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) are often used interchangeably even though they represent very different activities. In fact, interchanging the two can leave your organization at significant risk.
Seasonal Selling Requires Nimble Manufacturing Resources from IT
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  July 14, 2016
In the manufacturing sector, there are cycles based on customers’ seasonal demand. To accommodate these cycles, manufacturers want to be able to adjust production and distribution using enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and other software tools while minimizing demand on existing IT resources. Scaling the data center infrastructure to meet peak periods of demand once or twice each year would mean having servers and systems remaining idle most of the time. Rather than wasting resources, more manufacturers are turning to hosted solutions to manage manufacturing and distribution.
10 Strategic Questions to Ask Your Potential DRaaS Provider
Reanna Gutierrez  |  July 12, 2016
Is your data center at a crossroad?
Reanna Gutierrez  |  July 07, 2016
Aging facilities, escalating energy costs, infrastructure sprawl and widespread cloud adoption are forcing IT organizations to make changes in their data center solutions. As IT leaders realize that owning and operating their own on-premises data centers is cost-prohibitive, they are at a crossroad facing difficult choices to repair, replace or hybridize their data centers. And, as organizations exit the on-premises data center business, it is imperative to research the best alternative whether it is a cloud, hybrid or colocation model.
A Mobile Strategy – No Longer Optional
Amy Gregory  |  July 06, 2016
The new era of mobility is having a huge impact and increasing the speed of business, directly impacting employee productivity and customer satisfaction. However, many IT departments are overwhelmed with the onslaught of these new devices and platforms and the emergence of new mobile technology-led trends. This is where a well-thought-out mobility strategy can help…
Time to Consider the Benefits of Managed IT Services?
Reanna Gutierrez  |  June 30, 2016
SDN - A Key Player in Mobile Network Security
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  June 28, 2016
With employees increasingly accessing the network from a variety of personal devices, mobile network security is a key concern for all organizations. Securing each endpoint is next to impossible, and Software-defined networking (SDN) is emerging as a key to not only making the network more secure, but reducing the risk of mobile devices for organizations. SDN represents a major step forward in the fight to secure networks from threats.
When teams work collaboratively from anywhere, SPARKS FLY!
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  June 23, 2016
Cisco Spark is changing the way organizations communicate to improve collaboration and teamwork, creating more agile organizations ready to meet the pace of modern business. Cisco Spark speeds up productivity by blending team messaging, meetings and phone calls in the cloud for vastly improved collaboration. Cisco has developed a simple platform that is easy to use, but also includes a robust developer environment with APIs to enable innovative apps that can be customized for your unique business practices.