8 Reasons to Embrace a Hybrid IT Approach
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  January 19, 2017
A hybrid IT approach to building a flexible, scalable and efficient architecture allows organizations to maintain a centralized approach to IT governance while experimenting with cloud computing.
The Cloud and Beyond
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  January 18, 2017
As we look to the future of the cloud, we not only need to consider the impact on business operations but on IT infrastructure as well. CIOs are embracing the benefits that come from adopting modern hybrid IT solutions, but there are seven key technology trends that will shape and evolve the cloud ecosystem in the years to come.
Healthcare Has an Identity Problem
Amy Gregory  |  January 17, 2017
Digital technology, mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is fundamentally changing the way care and treatment are delivered.
Cloud – The Security Game Changer
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  January 12, 2017
As organizations increasingly move to the cloud, security has become a bigger concern. IT departments are having a more difficult time controlling user access and understanding where their data resides, making it harder to distinguish between what is inside vs. outside the perimeter.
Understanding Software-Defined WAN
Amy Gregory  |  January 10, 2017
SD-WAN is gaining traction as a suitable replacement for the traditional WAN, especially in a cloud-based environment.
Shadow IT Risks Greater with Hybrid Cloud
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  January 05, 2017
The adoption of cloud is on the rise as more and more companies come to understand the massive advantages of doing business in the cloud. Particularly popular are "hybrid" cloud solutions that allow users to reap the benefits of both on-premises and cloud technologies at the same time.
Securing Your Azure Deployment
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  January 03, 2017
Microsoft Azure is known for its excellent security measures, but the responsibilities must be shared between the vendor and the enterprise.
The Colocation Provider Selection Checklist
OneNeck IT Solutions  |  December 27, 2016
Colocation is the perfect solution for many organizations who would like to reduce the overall cost of maintaining a data center but retain control over their systems. Once you have decided to colocate your datacenter, what should you look for in a provider?
Even Santa Has Gone Mobile
Amy Gregory  |  December 20, 2016
Holiday shopping is becoming synonymous with mobile shopping. People who have received gifts of or have gifted themselves with new smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, are loading these tech gifts up with new apps and spending the holidays enjoying all they have to offer. But what about when those devices make an entry onto the corporate network?
Are You Keeping Pace in the Age of Digital Disruption?
Amy Gregory  |  December 19, 2016
Digital disruption is changing the way we do business, but many organizations fear change. It’s brought about by the perfect storm of low-cost communications (e.g., mobile networks, smart devices and sensors.) Organizations who embrace the digital age are rewarded with more efficient operations, an improved customer experience and the ability create better products and services to face future competition with ease.