Microsoft SharePoint

Increased collaboration through increased data shipping

It wasn’t too long ago that colleagues were forced to collaborate in meeting rooms, one another’s offices or in chance encounters in the hallways or around the water cooler. The old way of doing business often meant scheduling meetings, coordinating travel and weeks of planning. My, how things have changed.


Now with 24/7 connectivity and digital collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint the ability to collaborate with co-workers and strategic partners can happen anywhere and at any time without the costs and inconvenience associated with in-person meetings. This new way of creating a collaborative culture within your organization means your business gets better ideas, faster while saving money and improving employee productivity.

SharePoint is a business collaboration platform that enables you to connect and empower your employees through formal and informal business communities, within your company and outside your walls, while effectively managing and protecting all your mission-critical data and confidential content. It includes the ability to share documents, set up social feeds to facilitate collaboration and allows teams to create groups and communities where they can connect with experts and each other to keep the project moving forward. In addition, SharePoint helps organize projects through with information and task management features that are both intuitive and easy to use.

The consolidation of collaboration solutions onto SharePoint makes it possible to reduce your costs through more efficient and effective training, increased IT productivity and cost-effective maintenance. These integrated capabilities are enhanced by search technologies and make it possible to rapidly respond to business needs based on data-driven business insight and faster development and deployment of solutions.

OneNeck® IT Solutions SharePoint service makes your the content created for your business easier to share, access, change and use in any location by any of the team members who need access to that content at the time and on the device that’s most convenient for them. Our experts can train your employees in the most effective ways to use this powerful tool to ensure your collaboration efforts are firing on all cylinders.